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Hello, when is the other party's debate friend updated? Hello, debate friend update time

In recent years, domestic youth TV series emerge in an endless stream. Compared with movies, most of them have a good reputation. Recently, a domestic Youth Drama "Hello, the other party debating friends" is on the air, so when will you update the other party debating friends?

Hello, when is the other party's debate friend updated

"Hello, friends of the other side" has been launched on Mango TV on April 15, with 2 episodes updated every Monday to Wednesday at 20:00, and members always watch 6 more episodes.

"Hello, debater" is the first drama with debating theme in China. It tells the story of a debating Club of the College of Arts on the verge of dissolution. With the concerted efforts of its members, it successfully attacks the "hegemony" of the whole school.

The wonderful debate arena is the part that the audience most want to see. The official full debate lineup for the first time has undoubtedly injected a shot in the arm for everyone who is preparing to pursue the drama enthusiastically. The teams with distinctive characteristics and significant differences all showed their strength. Under the fierce attack of many powerful enemies, how the debate team of the College of Arts broke out has aroused heated discussion.

The unique theme of "youth + debate" in this play provides a new idea for Youth Drama in the industry. By focusing on hot topics in the debate arena, it shows young people's progress and confusion in their growth. During this period, each topic and argument is thrown out, which is of great help to their growth.

Just as the drama's "views on overprotection of parents" and "whether life without dreams is mediocre" and other topics all hit the hot spots of society, presenting college students' dependence on their parents and lack of clear goals for the future without reservation. The different views of the debate team members also enable college students with similar experiences to start thinking and reflecting on "what is growth, how to grow up" and "how to grow up" What is a dream and how to seek it.

"Hello, debater" is not only the counter attack history of debating rookies, but also the youth inspirational growth drama composed by young college students. The intense debate arena, under the verbal confrontation between you and me, actually contains the burst of wisdom and confidence.

Hello, debate friend update time

China's first inspirational drama "Hello, my friend" will be broadcast on Mango TV on April 15, 2019, with 2 episodes updated every Monday to Wednesday at 20:00, and members will watch 6 more episodes all the time. This TV play is starred by Pan Youcheng, Lin Xinyi, and Jie Shiming. You can show your youthful and progressive style. If you are interested, don't miss it!

The debate team of the College of Arts, Yingli University, a dying edge green community, has temporarily set up a grass team to participate in the university debate League in order to keep its own activity room. In the college student league, this seemingly useless debate team gradually shows its own unique ability and advantage: Yi Xiaoxi, an ordinary child, has a sharp point of view; Bai Yu, a cynic, is a master of sword sect; Qingbei, a man with heavy burden, is the king of logic; sun Qing, a good at quoting, and a silly Bai Tian, is the best at taking the edge of the sword; This team, from the initial success of zero to the final, they play every game, every problem, reflects the life and confusion of everyone in the team. In the process of deep thinking and preparing for the competition, they gradually got rid of confusion and learned to grow. In the best time of "poverty", the debaters who lived day and night not only gained the most solid friendship and established their own goals, but also left the most unique memory of youth