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How does Amazon encourage leaving? Amazon encourages employees to quit and start businesses

What's Amazon's incentive to quit? What's Amazon's incentive to quit? Many partners don't know. Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

What's Amazon's incentive to quit

On May 13, Amazon announced in a statement that in order to expand the express delivery team cooperating with Amazon, the company encouraged its employees to resign and start a business to create an express delivery company serving Amazon. Employees who leave can get up to $10000 in venture capital and three months' salary subsidy.

David Clark, senior vice president of Amazon's global operations, said that some employees have expressed interest in the project. "In the past, some employees have said that they are interested in becoming Amazon's express delivery partner, but they are unable to make a smooth transition to start a business. Now the company provides these employees with a path to help them build their own business. '

According to the Wall Street Journal, the major e-commerce enterprises in the United States are facing a shortage of express delivery personnel. For example, Wal Mart and deliv are competing for scarce human resources. With the increasing proportion of consumers shopping online, the demand for the last mile delivery service is more vigorous, but the shortage of personnel is even more serious.

Amazon encourages employees to leave and start businesses

In order to solve this problem, Amazon launched the delivery service partner program in June last year to encourage small express companies to cooperate with Amazon, which can mark the Amazon logo on the express car.

"Since the launch of the express partner project in June 2018, Amazon has worked with more than 200 small businesses that employ thousands of local drivers to send packages to Amazon customers," Amazon said in a statement on the 13th. '

Satish jindel, President of ship matrix Inc, a logistics data analysis company, said Amazon's new incentives showed that e-commerce giants "found that they needed to increase staff faster and provide additional incentives.". Jindel predicts that with the implementation of the plan, Amazon may also reduce its cooperation with other large logistics companies, such as United Parcel, FedEx and postal express. It is expected that by 2022, the new partners will be able to handle half of Amazon's' last mile 'business volume.

In addition, a person close to the inside disclosed that Amazon is adding goods packaging machines in the goods warehouse to replace manual jobs. According to the source, the installation of packaging machines will reduce 24 labor positions in each warehouse, and more than 1300 labor positions will be reduced for 55 standard sized warehouses in the United States. The source also said that the purchase cost and operating expenses of each machine are about $1 million, and Amazon expects to recover the cost within two years.