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How to increase the amount of micro credit? Methods and skills of increasing the amount of micro cre

If you are a loyal user of wechat wallet, you must be among the invited users of microparticle loan. Microparticle loan has the same interest as ant loan, which is highly recommended for many people who want to borrow. How can microparticle loan increase the amount?

1、 Withdraw cash immediately

Yes, no mistake! It's now! When you see this article, take out your mobile phone immediately, turn on the micro credit, put forward all your maximum amount, and then sit down and wait for the SMS. This is the result of the personal test conducted by Xiaobian and many colleagues around him. Originally, the amount was only 9000, but after borrowing and returning another one, it was 19000,. As long as you have the amount, as long as you put it all forward, you can definitely increase the amount in two or three days, which can be said to be stable. How to improve the amount of micro credit~

2、 Active frequent staging

If you feel that there is no urgent need for money recently, and it is not appropriate for you to withdraw all cash, then choose to repay by instalments. It can be divided into 10 instalments and 20 instalments. After several instalments have been returned, you can also be surprised by the amount increase. Xiaobian has a friend who borrowed 50000 yuan in 10 installments and received another 50000 yuan of SMS after four installments. The surprise came so fast that it was like a tornado.

This tells us that the more interest you contribute to the micro loan, it will give you a higher amount. How to improve the micro loan amount can be said to be a win-win situation~

3、 Buy more money

Similar to ant loan, if you buy certain financial products in wechat, you don't have to worry about how to increase the micro credit line. For example, a small purchase of 100 yuan for financial management may give you an increase of 10000 yuan. Because those who can manage money usually have free funds. Since they have surplus money in their hands, micro particle loan naturally doesn't worry about your repayment. If they don't give you micro particle loan, it's stupid.

4、 More red envelopes, more transfers

What do multiple red envelopes and transfers represent? They represent high flow of water! I have made an agreement with a few friends that several people will send red envelopes to each other by transferring money, creating the illusion that you are all very rich and don't take money as money. Maybe you will feel that it's good to spend so much money, and I'll give you an increase of thirty or fifty thousand right away. This is a recipe for how to increase the micro credit line, but many friends also said that it really works.

At the same time, Xiao Bian also wants to share some tips:

1. Particle loan is on credit! On credit! On credit! Borrow must return, otherwise you regret.

2. If there is no demand for loans, don't query your credit limit at a low price. It's very unfavorable for you to go to the bank for business in the future.

3. There is only one personal micro credit account. No matter from QQ or wechat, the micro credit is the same. Both sides of the credit line are used together. Don't think that if you can borrow twice, you are smart. Is Ma Huateng stupid?

4. All those who tell you that spending money can increase the loan amount are liars. Ignore him.