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How to get amnesia? These little ways to solve your problems

People will have a certain age memory will decline, it is easy to forget, the elderly are suffering from amnesia high incidence population. But sometimes amnesia has nothing to do with age. Many young people and even children suffer from amnesia. So what should we do? It's not terrible to get amnesia. Let's share some tips to help you alleviate amnesia and solve the problems caused by amnesia.

First of all, let's talk about the first small method. The first way is to always remember and think. In a word, let our brain work. Just as iron will rust and battery will be scrapped when it is put for a long time, the brain will become dull if it doesn't work and think. Keeping the brain running is a good way to prevent and relieve forgetfulness.

Let's talk about the second small method. The second is to remember at any time, take a post it note with you, and record what we are going to do with it. When we forget, we can look at what we have recorded, which is convenient for us to remember again, so that we are not so forgetful. Remembering what we need to do at any time can not only relieve our forgetfulness, but also help us form good habits and work in a planned way.

The third way is to keep your body and mind happy. You don't know, emotions can affect memory. If you are in a bad mood every day, your memory will not be very good. Good mood can make our body function reach a good state. Good body function can also improve our memory and alleviate forgetfulness.

If we want to alleviate forgetfulness, we can also exercise more. Exercise can promote brain metabolism and relieve brain aging. Our brains age slowly, so do our memories. In addition, we can also eat more foods that are conducive to memory improvement, such as walnuts, animal liver and some fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, which can help us improve memory, effectively prevent and alleviate amnesia. You can try.