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How many children does Stanley Ho have? Which wife gave birth to he Youjun

Today, the marriage proposal of the gambling king's son, he Youjun, is hot. How many children is he Youjun born to the gambling king's wife!

Macao gambling king Stanley Ho has four wives and 17 children. The son of third wife Chen Wanzhen, he Youqi, has been secretly married and promoted to be a father. His daughter, he ChaoLian, recently admitted falling in love with Dou Xiao. The daughter of fourth wife Liang Anqi, he Chaoying, is pregnant and his son, he Youjun, will propose to Xi Mengyao. For such a family, the number of family members will be directly related to the issue of property distribution. Many people think that the gambling king family has started the third generation of competition. ​

Li Wanhua, the original wife of Mr. Ho, comes from a rich family like Mr. ho. It is said that Li Wanhua, the original wife of Mr. Ho, is very beautiful and even known as the first beauty of Macao. It is said that Li Wanhua does not like publicity and has a rather introverted personality;

Mr. Ho's second wife is LAN qiongying. She married Mr. ho in 1957. Why did she give birth to a man and four women? Now LAN qiongying lives in Canada! These are the two wives who have been in front of the media with the king of gamblers for many years!

Mr. Ho's third wife, Chen Wanzhen, is currently a director of Macau Tourism and entertainment Co., Ltd. she met Mr. ho in 1980 because she was the original personal nurse of Mr. ho. As time went by, they lived together & hellip; & hellip;

Mr. Ho's fourth wife, Angie Leung, met at a dance party. When he saw a girl nearly 40 years younger than himself, he invited her to be his regular partner. Then Angie Leung became Mr. Ho's fourth wife! Why did Mr. ho have five children, three of them!

How did Mr Ho's original mate, Li Wanhua, die

Li Wanhua was very beautiful when he was young, and there were many pursuers. One of them was the gambler, Mr. ho. It is said that at that time, in order to pursue Li Wanhua, Mr. ho even went to learn Portuguese, because Li Wanhua was born in Portugal!

In 1942, Stanley Ho and Li Wanhua finally got married. They were very happy after marriage. It is said that in the first year of marriage, Stanley Ho's business was very good. All this seemed very good. Unexpectedly, Li Wanhua was diagnosed with colitis. Due to the lack of medical skills at that time and other symptoms, Li Wanhua's body weight dropped from 115 Jin to 70 Jin every day Jin.

Unfortunately, one after another, Li Wanhua was in a car accident in 1973. After the accident, Li Wanhua was in a coma for a month in the hospital. After waking up, Li Wanhua had lost most of her memory;

In 2004, Li Wanhua passed away & hellip; & hellip; Mr. ho held a grand funeral for Li Wanhua! Nearly a thousand people came to mourn, and even the Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR) lowered the flag at half mast to mourn & hellip; & hellip;