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How can Feitian Maotai distinguish true from false? What is logistics code and organic code

In fact, the identification of more, for the authenticity of Maotai I also have some of their own experience. In fact, there are many secret signs on Maotai liquor, which can't be completely imitated by many fake liquor. For example, two strings of mysterious numbers, logistics code and organic code on the back label. So how to identify Feitian Maotai? What are logistics code and organic code?

What are logistics code and organic code?

The shorter code on the back of Maotai bottle is logistics code. See the mark 1 in the figure for details. This code runs through the whole trade process. You can find the production information of a bottle of Maotai, and even the dealer information.

Generally speaking, the logistics code of the outer case and the inner case of the same wine are the same. If you find that the wine you buy is different, you should be careful. It may be a collusion or a fake wine.

The longer one is the organic code, which is shown in Figure 2. Every enterprise that has obtained organic product certification has an organic code, which is unique. The code consists of 17 digits, including 3 digits of certification authority code, 2 digits of certification mark issuing year code and 12 digits of certification mark issuing random code. This is to ensure the traceability of organic products.

We can query the product name, certification certificate number and enterprise information corresponding to the mark in China food and agricultural products certification information system.

Logistics code and organic code how to identify true and false Maotai?

The font is different:

If you look at the two bottles of wine in the picture below, I don't know if you can find the trick.

The process of processing and packaging of the fake Maotai in the top of the picture is fastidious, so the workmanship is rough. The numbers on the code are the default font of the computer, which looks very stiff and straight.

The authentic product below uses the special font of Maotai. Relatively speaking, the font is full and clear. For example, the number '6' I marked in the picture is the most representative one.

Big belly '7':

Even though the font as like as two peas in the past is similar, there is no way to duplicate the details in detail.

For example, the number '7' in the figure below. The corner of the number '7' in high imitation of Maotai will be obviously protruding outwards, which is like being pregnant.

The '7' of authentic Maotai is straight down at the corner. There will be no such situation as mentioned above.

This is what I'm going to talk about today, some tips for identifying Feitian Maotai. However, I would like to point out that it is only a small skill to identify Maotai, which is not applicable to all cases. After all, the means of counterfeiting are changing with each passing day. You can use it as a reference when you buy wine. If you're not sure, you'd better ask an experienced drinker for help and be more cautious.

As a traditional brewer in Maotai Town, what I hate most is fake wine! There are too many fake wines in the market now, which makes consumers lose the ability to distinguish good wines. They cheat wine friends and insult the most traditional and precious brewing technology at the same time! So usually there are many wine friends who can identify Maotai with me. I try my best to help them! At the same time, I will take a warning and never make such mistakes. The so-called gentleman loves money and takes it in a proper way. I believe that as long as I insist on making my own pure grain wine with good quality and good taste, I will be recognized by more wine friends!