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Who did Zhang Xuefeng offend when his speech was splashed with canned herring

Zhang Xuefeng, as one of the most talented storytellers of postgraduate entrance examination, is deeply loved by many test students. The day before yesterday, Mr. Zhang Xuefeng gave a lecture on postgraduate entrance examination at Qingda. As a result, he was thrown a can of herring, which was extremely smelly. Finally, he continued to give lectures calmly, which was admirable. So who did Zhang Xuefeng offend? Why was he treated like this?

Who is Zhang Xuefeng

Zhang Xuefeng, born in Qiqihar in 1984, graduated from Zhengzhou University. Yan tukaoyan VIP teacher.

In June 2016, with 34 seconds to interpret 35 985 colleges and universities, it became popular on the Internet. In September 2016, it published the book "you are far away from the success of postgraduate entrance examination.

In November 2016, he participated in the Internet variety "Martian Intelligence Agency", known as "national male agent".

In August 2017, he participated in the online variety show "orator". In September of the same year, he participated in "zero point God of food" on Guangdong satellite TV.

In fact, Zhang Xuefeng is not a regular lecturer in any university. His job is a postgraduate entrance examination lecturer who teaches all over the country.

Zhang Xuefeng will give lectures in Colleges and universities on a regular basis. Interested students can listen to them at that time. In addition, he is also doing live broadcast on the Internet. Students from other places can choose to pay attention to the Internet.

Personal information of Zhang Xuefeng

Chinese Name: Zhang Xuefeng

Nationality: China

Nationality: Han

Birthplace: Qiqihar

Date of birth: 1984

Occupation: postgraduate entrance examination teacher

Graduated from Zhengzhou University

Major: Civil Engineering

Main achievements: Internet celebrity, VIP teacher of postgraduate entrance examination

As a post-80s from Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, the four-year undergraduate experience of Zhengzhou University can not hide Zhang Xuefeng's northeast flavor. According to him, during college, I often participated in host competitions, debate competitions and other community activities. "Basically, as long as I participated in the competition, the whole competition would be full. '

However, it is accidental to take the road of postgraduate entrance examination guidance and take it as a post. Zhang Xuefeng said that the year he graduated from University, seeing that all the students around him were actively preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, he took the initiative to check the information for everyone. Later a good friend is specialized in postgraduate entrance examination guidance, agent enrollment, he went to help.

In 2008, Zhang Xuefeng formally stepped on the stage. Although the style is similar to that of the present, the reaction under the stage is quite different. Even there have been many times, students pointed to him and said 'teacher, what you said is useless and meaningless to us'.

After being hit hard, he stepped down from the platform and repeatedly pondered over the content of lesson preparation. He personally collected information about schools and majors, enrollment brochures, enrollment situation, graduates' employment, etc. of more than 400 universities and scientific research institutes across the country, so as to improve the content of the courseware.

After repeated exploration, until 2010, Zhang Xuefeng began to grasp the content that students are interested in, and the classroom response is getting better and better, leaving a phone call for students will also be constantly harassed.

For example, Zhang Xuefeng said, "one hundred people come to a lecture. Maybe 70 people are going to take the postgraduate entrance examination, and 30 people are not going to take the postgraduate entrance examination. What I have to do is not only to keep the students who are going to take the postgraduate entrance examination, but also to make the 30 people who are not going to take the postgraduate entrance examination feel interesting and willing to listen here.".