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Can moxibustion sleep in summer? What are the benefits of Moxibustion in summer

Treatment of winter diseases in summer is a health concept advocated by traditional Chinese medicine, and moxibustion in summer is also a very popular health care method. Then look at the summer after moxibustion can sleep mat? The benefits of summer moxibustion and other issues.

Can moxibustion sleep in summer

Can't sleep on the mat after moxibustion in summer

Because the skin pores of Moxibustion in summer are open and closed, moxibustion can easily penetrate the acupoints and meridians from the skin, and can directly reach the disease through the Qi and blood of meridians, so the best effect can be achieved in treating winter diseases in summer. Taking medicine in remission period can encourage healthy qi and enhance disease resistance, so as to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment. If you sleep on the mat after moxibustion, it will cause cold to enter the body, reduce the efficacy of moxibustion, and even aggravate the degree of disease.

What are the benefits of Moxibustion in summer

1. Treating asthma

The effect of moxibustion is better in the dog days. Moxibustion starts on the first day of each dog day and ends at the end of the dog days. The acupoints were Jiaji (between the first thoracic vertebra and the fifth lumbar vertebra), Dazhui (in the depression of the seventh cervical vertebra) and Taodao (in the depression of the spinous process of the first thoracic vertebra).

2. Treatment of diarrhea

In summer, diarrhea often occurs due to careless diet or cold abdomen. Moxibustion at corresponding acupoints can strengthen the spleen and stomach, tonify the middle and Qi, keep warm and treat cold. These acupoints are: Zhongwan (4 inches above the navel), Jianli (3 inches above the navel) and Zusanli (3 inches below the outer knee, edge of tibia).

3. Treating stomachache

After selecting the right acupoints, ignite the medicinal moxa stick, and then suspend moxibustion at Zhongwan (4 inches above the navel) and Zusanli (Zusanli) for 10 minutes, with the skin on the acupoints as the degree of red. The stomachache can be relieved immediately. Pay attention when using.

4. Insomnia and dreaminess

Baihui (the middle line of the top of the head between the two ears), Sishencong (1 inch in front of Baihui, 1 inch in back, 1 inch in left and 1 inch in right), Yintang (between the two eyebrows), and Taiyang (above the extension line of the outer corner of the ear). Moxibustion on these acupoints twice a day, 10-20 minutes each time.

How to moxibustion correctly in summer

1. Constitution

Moxibustion is suitable for deficiency syndrome and cold syndrome, such as weakness and fear of cold, long illness and long discharge, joint cold pain, cold cough and asthma, wind cold cold, etc.; it is not suitable for patients with excess syndrome and heat syndrome, such as heat, sore mouth and tongue, dry stool, short yellow urine, fever, etc.

2. Sub population

Young adults and men can moxibustion, women and children should reduce, less moxibustion, pregnant women's abdomen and lumbosacral should not moxibustion.

3. Physical condition

Extreme fatigue, excessive hunger, thirst, drunk are not suitable for treatment, especially those with gastrointestinal diseases should pay more attention to these. It should not be used when the mood is unstable, such as great sorrow, great joy and great anger, or the effect of moxibustion will be greatly reduced.

4. Points

The main acupoints of regular moxibustion are Zusanli, Guanyuan and Shenque. These acupoints can stimulate the healthy qi of human body, enhance the ability of disease resistance and play the role of health care. It's best not to moxibustion on the face and pudenda to prevent scar formation and affect the appearance.

5. Minute time

Before doing moxibustion, you should accept the guidance of the doctor, generally moxibustion for half an hour or so, the time can not be too long, moxibustion 1-2 times a day.