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The latest news of Sino US trade war in 2019 China is ready for a comprehensive response

Original title: CCTV comments on Sino US trade war

As for the trade war launched by the United States, China has long expressed its attitude: it is not willing to fight, but it is not afraid to fight, and it has to fight when necessary. In the face of both soft and hard hands of the United States, China has already given the answer: talk, the door is open; fight, accompany to the end. What kind of situation has the Chinese nation gone through more than 5000 years of ups and downs? In the great process of national rejuvenation, there are bound to be difficulties and even stormy waves. China's trade war with China is only a pillar of China's development process. What's more, China will strengthen its confidence and face difficulties.

No matter how the external situation changes, the most important thing for China is to do its own thing well, continuously deepen reform, expand opening up, and achieve high-quality economic development. The next step for the United States is to talk, to fight, or to take other actions. China has fully prepared its policy toolbox and is ready for a comprehensive response. China's economy wild storms are not a small pond, as president Xi Jinping pointed out. Wild storms can turn over small pools but can not turn the seas away.