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What movies will be shown in May 2019? Best movies in May

Which good-looking movies will be shown in May 2019? There are many good-looking movies in May. For movie fans, can they feast their eyes? "How to be a home", "into the capital", "Heidi and grandfather", "Revenge of a mother", and "twins" starring Liu Haoran and Chen Turin, as well as "Penguin road", "big detective Pikachu", "Dragon Ball super" and so on.

How to be a home? (?) 1603; (?) 1601; (?) 1585; (?) 1606; (?) 1575; (?) 1581; (?) 1608; (?) 1605; (2018)

Director: Nadine & middot; labaki

Screenwriter: Nadine & middot; rabaki / Jihad & middot; hogari / Michelle & middot; keswerney / Georges & middot; habaz / Khalid & middot; muzana

Starring: Zane & middot; Al & middot; rafia / yodanos & middot; hifero / borovativ & middot; trej & middot; bankor / Casar & middot; Al & middot; Hadad / Fadi & middot; Yusuf / more

Type: plot

Production country / region: Lebanon / France / USA

Language: Arabic / Amharic

Release date: 2019-04-29 (Chinese mainland) / 2018-05-17 (Cannes Film Festival) / 2018-09-20 (Lebanon)

Length: 126 minutes / 117 minutes (Chinese mainland)

Another name: Capernaum / Xingzai lawsuit (Hong Kong) / I want to have a home (Taiwan) / cafarna & uacute; m / Capernaum / caphanna & uuml; m

How to be home

In court, Zane, a 12-year-old boy, sued his parents for giving him life. What kind of experience makes a child make such an incredible move? In the story, Zane's parents still keep giving birth when they are unable to raise and educate. As the eldest son of the family, Zane's weak shoulders bear the heavy burden of countless lives. When his younger sister was forced to sell to a vendor as his wife, Zane left home in anger. Later, he met a mother and son who had no legal status and supported each other. However, life didn't care for Zane, and many hardships forced him to make a shocking move & hellip; & hellip;

Beijing (2018)

Director: Hu Mei

Screenwriter: Zou Jingzhi

Starring: Ma Yili / Fu Dalong / MA Jinghan / Wang Ziwen / Yao Anlian / more

Type: plot / history / Costume

Producer countries / regions: Chinese mainland

Language: Mandarin / English

Release date: 2019-05-10 (Chinese mainland) / 2018-06-17 (Shanghai Film Festival)

Length: 113 minutes

Enter the Forbidden City

A brief introduction to the story of entering the capital

"Into the capital" is a sincere work written by the famous screenwriter Zou Jingzhi based on the historical event of "huiban's coming to Beijing", which took three years to polish. It was directed by the famous director Hu Mei, and joined by Ma Yili, Fu Dalong, Ma Jinghan, Wang Ziwen, Jiao Huang and other powerful actors. The film tells the story of the Qing Dynasty Qianlong years, a group of opera artists and fans between the pear garden resentment and love disputes. Director Hu Mei, with her artistic skills and spiritual core of "opera is bigger than the sky", reappears the glorious past of a generation of masters in the field of opera by presenting a stirring historical story and reversing the twists and turns of the legend of Beijing, and traces the origin of the birth and development of the quintessence of Peking Opera, so that the audience can see the spirit of the masters of opera who are struggling to open up the mountains and rain!

Charlie says (2018)

Director: Mary & middot; Harlan

Screenwriter: genevie & middot; Turner / ed & middot; Sanders / Karlene faith

Starring: Matt & middot; Smith / Hannah & middot; Murray / Sookie & middot; Waterhouse / Annabeth & middot; Gish / Merritt & middot; Weaver / more

Type: plot / biography / crime

Production country: USA

Language: English

Release date: September 2, 2018 (Venice Film Festival) / May 10, 2019 (USA)

Length: 104 minutes

Also known as: Manson family / the family

Charlie's synopsis

Based on the documentary literature the long prison journey of Leslie van Houten: life beyond the cult written by Karlene faith and the novel the family written by ED Sanders, this paper tells the story of Leslie van Houten, a member of the Manson family, after the Manson murder which shocked the world, Patricia krenwinkel and Susan Atkins have been sentenced to life imprisonment, and graduate student faith has been sent to prison to teach them. They will re-examine the nightmare like crimes.

Pok & eacute; mon detective Pikachu (2019)

Director: Rob & middot; Letterman

Screenwriter: Nicole & middot; Perlman / Alex & middot; Hirsch / tanjiji

Starring: Ryan & middot; Reynolds / justices & middot; Smith / Catherine & middot; Newton / Chris & middot; Jill / Bill & middot; ney / more

Type: Comedy / animation / Fantasy / Adventure

Production country / region: USA / Japan

Language: English / Japanese

Release date: 2019-05-10 (US / Chinese mainland)

Length: 104 minutes

Also known as: Pixie baokemeng: Detective Pikachu / Pok & eacute; mon detective Pikachu (Taiwan) / Pet Pixie detective Pikachu / Pixie baokemeng detective Pikachu / Pet Pixie / Pet Pixie live action version / Pixie baokemeng / detective Pikachu / Pokemon

A brief introduction to the story of the great detective Pikachu

The Hollywood reality movie Pikachu tells the story of Tim Goodman; Smith) in order to find his missing father, he comes to Lyme city and meets his father's former baokemeng partner Pikachu. He is surprised to find that he is the only human who can understand Pikachu's words. They decide to form a team and embark on the exciting adventure of revealing the truth. In the process of exploring the case, they encounter all kinds of baokemeng, and accidentally discover a shocking plot that can destroy the whole baokemeng universe. The movie is adapted from Nintendo's game of the same name, directed by Rob & middot; Letterman, voiced by Ryan & middot; Reynolds and starred by justices & middot; Smith and Catherine & middot; Newton.

Revenge of a mother mom (2017)

Director: Ravi & middot; dejeval

Screenwriter: Girish & middot; kochley / Ravi & middot; dejeval

Starring: Siri Daiyu / akshaye & middot; canner / Saja & middot; ALI / Adnan & middot; sidqui / navazuddin & middot; siddigui

Type: plot / crime

Production country: India

Language: Hindi

Release date: 2019-05-10 (Chinese mainland) / 2017-07-07 (India)

Length: 146 minutes

Also known as: Avenging mother (Hong Kong) / mother's confession (Taiwan)

A brief introduction of a mother's Revenge

This film is adapted from the "Delhi black bus case" which shocked India. Aliya (Saja & middot; ALI) is raped after a party. In the face of digging evidence, four criminals are acquitted by the court. Ailia's stepmother, daviqi (Hilary Daiyu) heartbroken, in desperate after angrily decided to personally seek justice for her daughter. A revenge drama with high energy and high intelligence begins. Where justice cannot reach, there is mother!

Rome (2018)

Director: Alfonso & middot; Caron

Writer: Alfonso & middot; Caron

Starring: Ariza & middot; abaricio / Marina & middot; de & middot; tavera / Diego & middot; Cortina & middot; Autry / Carlos & middot; Peralta / Marco & middot; Graf / more

Type: plot / family

Production country / region: Mexico / USA

Language: Spanish / mistek / English

Release date: 2019-05-10 (Chinese mainland) / 2018-08-30 (Venice Film Festival) / 2018-12-14 (USA)

Length: 135 minutes

Also known as M & eacute; xico'68

A brief introduction to Rome

The story takes place in Rome, a middle-class community in Mexico City. It tells the story of a young maid, Cleo (Ariza & middot; abaricio), who works in the home of her employer, Sophia (Marina & middot; de & middot; tavila). In the home, her husband is away for a long time and Cleo takes care of Sophie's four children. Two unexpected accidents hit Cleo, the maid, and Sophia, the employer at the same time. How should they face the bitter and confused life? The four children seem to be the hope. This is a film based on the childhood memory of director Alfonso & middot; Caron, who is actually a child in the film.

Tolkien (2019)

Director: DOM & middot karukusky

Screenwriter: David & middot; Gleason / Steven & middot; Beresford

Starring: Nicholas & middot; Holt / Lily & middot; Collins / genevie & middot; Laurie / PAM & middot; Ferris / Mimi & middot; Keane / more

Type: plot / Biography

Production country: USA

Language: English

Release date: May 3, 2019 (UK) / May 10, 2019 (USA)

Length: 112 minutes

Also known as: J.R.R. Tolkien / a light in the darkness

A brief introduction to Tolkien

Finnish director DOM karukusky will direct J & middot; R & middot; R & middot; Tolkien's biography. In 2013, FOSS searchlight was ready to shoot the film, and the screenwriters David & middot; Gleason and Steven & middot; Beresford were appointed. The story focuses on Tolkien's world of friendship and love before the outbreak of World War I. And how to open the way of his future literary creation.

Heidi and grandfather Heidi (2015)

Director: Alan goldpenner

Screenwriter: Johanna & middot; spiley / Petra & middot; biondina & middot; wolp

Starring: anuk & middot; Stefan / Bruno & middot; Ganz / Kunlin & middot; AGPI / Anna & middot; Shenz / Isabel & middot; Altman / more

Type: plot / family / Adventure

Production country / region: Germany / Switzerland / South Africa

Language: German / Swiss German / South African

Release date: 2019-05-16 (Chinese mainland) / 2015-12-10 (Germany)

Length: 111 minutes

Also known as: Flying Swallow (harbor) / Heidi / Heidi, a girl from Alps

Heidi and grandfather

Heidi (anuk Steffen) loses her parents when she is very young, and she is helpless. Fortunately, she is taken in by her aunt. However, the care can not last long. Finally, Heidi comes to the Alps and goes to her grandfather (Bruno Ganz). In the eyes of the villagers, grandfather is a stubborn and eccentric old man, and he keeps away from him. However, Heidi's innocent eyes find the tenderness hidden in his heart. The old and the young take off their guard and depend on each other.

Penguin Road (2018)

Director: Youkang Ishida

Screenwriter: yoshihihiko mori

Starring: Bei Xiangna / Cang Jingyou / Li Hui / PAN Huimei / Mei Shu Fukui / more

Type: Animation

Production country / region: Japan

Language: Japanese

Release date: 2019-05-17 (Chinese mainland) / 2018-08-17 (Japan)

Length: 117 minutes

Also known as Penguin dream street / Penguin highway / Penguin highway

Brief introduction of penguin Road

It is an animated theater version based on the novel of the same name. A fourth grade schoolboy launched a research project on penguins and Enigma's big sister, hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip;

A dog's journey (2019)

Director: Gail & middot; Mancuso

Screenwriter: W & middot; Bruce & middot; Cameron / Maya & middot; Forbes / Catherine & middot; Mike / Wallace & middot; wallowski

Starring: Dennis & middot; Quaid / Catherine & middot; Prescott / Liu Xianhua / Marge & middot; heigenberg / Betty & middot; Gilpin / more

Type: plot / hi