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Is Xi Mengyao pregnant? Photos of he Youjun's proposal made public

Last month, Hong Kong media revealed that Xi Mengyao and he Youjun were accidentally met on a plane. Hong Kong media showed that the first class was full on that day, so he Youjun let Xi Mengyao sit in first class, while he sat in business class, so he had no more boyfriends. Today, is Xi Mengyao pregnant, proposing to he Youjun and going on a hot search at the same time? This is the rhythm for Xi Mengyao to marry into a rich family!

Passengers on the same flight showed that he Youjun had been seen from business class to supervise his girlfriend's eating for many times, while a foreign stewardess asked about Xi Mengyao. He Youjun replied that his girlfriend had been pregnant for several months and had no appetite to eat, so he came to supervise her.

The news from Hong Kong media soon attracted the attention of mainland netizens. As soon as the news came out, they sent their best wishes on the Internet, thinking that Xi Mengyao finally wanted to fly into the gambling king's family with her mother and son.

However, many netizens who eat melons calmly think that the news is from the Hong Kong media, and the Hong Kong media are used to talking by looking at pictures. The news is likely to be fabricated by the Hong Kong media.

A few hours after the news, he Youjun revealed that restoring the conversation with the stewardess on the social platform on that day was simply asking what to eat, and asked, "how does it become to say that you are pregnant?"

He Youjun responded that the first wave was not over. After an hour, he again wrote that it was ridiculous for him to be "fathered" for many years. In order to give the rumor maker a chance to get rich, he would send 100 million yuan as long as someone could find the evidence that he had children outside. The rich people's attitude of refuting rumors is so unusual.

And he Youjun's response is very wonderful. He just shows that he didn't say that Xi Mengyao is pregnant, but he didn't deny that Xi Mengyao is not his girlfriend. So many netizens think that this is a rich young man's side recognition of Xi Mengyao.

After all, they have been photographed in secret dating scenes for many times from the imaginary love show out of the circle, from inside to outside the program, to the fact that they have been met by netizens in various classic areas for many times, and the high-definition positive pictures of Xi Mengyao and he Youjun dating in secret have been photographed by the media for many times. The handsome men and beautiful women match each other very well.

Finally, some netizens met he Youjun and Xi Mengyao by chance, and suspected that he met his fourth wife, Liang Anqi. According to netizens, Xi Mengyao had a very happy chat with "Si Tai".

However, it's just a chance encounter with netizens and photographed by the media. Xi Mengyao and he Youjun have never disclosed and admitted their relationship with each other. As for other things, we can only let them speculate on their own.

It seems that Xi Mengyao and he Youjun should be able to win the championship in this love choking competition. Anyway, he Youjun was forced to respond to the children's work this time. He Youjun will not be secretive when he believes that the two will come true!

Although their love has always been a lot of speculation, many people think that because he Youjun's mother does not like Xi Mengyao, Xi Mengyao's time to marry into a rich family is still relatively slim. However, some media reported that he Youjun and Xi Mengyao had met his mother. They chatted and drank tea together. It seemed that the atmosphere was very harmonious. The contact between Xi Mengyao and he Youjun's mother was not as bad as the outside world. Now some netizens have announced that he Youjun is going to propose. Although they don't know the reliability of the news, if it is true, congratulations to Xi Mengyao and he Youjun.