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Taobao returns the latest development of Huang Tanya incident

Yesterday, women online shopping 18 clothes, travel after drying photos, apply to the store to return all & hellip; caused netizens hot discussion. All kinds of negative news about Huang Tanya came one after another, and Huang Tanya's mobile phone number was labeled as a fraud phone.

On April 25, the buyer, Miss Huang, bought 18 pieces of clothes at Mr. Li's Taobao store in Zhejiang, with a total price of more than 4600 yuan. After the May Day holiday, he said he didn't like it and initiated a return request, which caused a heated discussion among netizens;

In the evening, the buyer, Miss Huang, responded to the incident through her micro blog. She said that she had to buy hundreds of clothes a year, but the refund rate was zero. From the beginning, she didn't think about the return of goods, card time and so on.

Miss Huang explained that when she went out to travel, she really had a fluke mentality. She felt that she took off the clothes she didn't like when she took a picture of them. She didn't think so much about it. The store behind said that they couldn't return them and they were willing to pay for them.

Miss Huang said that it's really wrong to take photos with clothes she doesn't like. She is willing to sincerely apologize. "The reason for apologizing is that I really shouldn't have the chance to take photos with clothes I don't like, but it's not because I wanted to refund the bill at first, because I never thought about it like that. '

In addition, Miss Huang also said that as early as the 8th, she had reached an agreement with the seller that all the clothes that had been photographed would not be returned, but the store insisted that it would return all the clothes.

Last night, the reporter contacted Miss Huang, who works in Ningbo. On the phone, she was crying all the time, saying that cyber violence was terrible. 'people call and text me all the time. I don't know what I've done. There are so many curses. When the first few calls came in, I said to the other party, do you know the truth? You scolded me. He said, "I just want to scold you. I feel great.". '

'I haven't slept all night and haven't eaten all day. My mobile phone card was broken off by me, and all the information bound to my mobile phone card was exposed. Today, someone else found my place. I heard someone knocking at the door. I dare not drive. I can't stop crying all day. '

Miss Huang said: 'I hope that this matter will subside. Don't let it ferment any more. Let me have a way to live. Let my family have a way to live. Here I kneel down to thank you all.'

At 23:23 last night, Taobao official also made a response on this matter: it has contacted the buyer and the seller to negotiate and deal with it, and will protect the legitimate rights and interests of businesses according to the rules of the platform!

Comments from netizens:

@Print box: parents do not have a clear family education, public opinion is not used to you! Fortunately, young people have the opportunity to correct, do it yourself

@He Xiaomin: crying can solve the problem? I don't feel touched at all. I guess it's not the first time. But this time, the business didn't choose to be silent, it broke out!

@Qiu Yun: so no matter how spoiled a person was when he was a child, or how overbearing, insolent and unreasonable, you can't live in that environment all the time. One day you will grow up. As long as you grow up, society will teach you how to be a man!!!


We often meet 'try on' people in holidays

The reporter noticed that Mr. Li's shop is called 'travel dress', which is more suitable for traveling. Mr. Li said that it is not the first time he has met such a "try-on clan" in the three years since he opened the shop. Every holiday, there are some buyers who go out to travel wearing the clothes they bought, and then ask for return.

Because of the fear that customers will give bad comments if they disagree with the return, sometimes the return time is more than 7 days, and even if some customers have washed and dyed in the water, they will also agree to the return application. "This time, it was a huge amount of money, and I took photos in my circle of friends. I was very angry that it was exposed," Mr. Li said.

After the hot search, some netizens questioned that Mr. Li was hyping his shop and taking the opportunity to advertise. He also said, "it's normal for me to hype my own shop. Who asked you to give me this opportunity?"

Now, when he comes across such a large order, he is happy. At the same time, Mr. Li is also a little afraid, afraid of encountering a similar situation again. Recently, he also began to learn some rules to protect sellers on the platform, and took part in the 'cloud tag' examination for malicious purchase. He hopes to protect the legitimate rights and interests of sellers through these rules, and he also hopes that the platform can further improve the protection rules for sellers.

At present, the return of these 18 pieces of clothes has not been settled, but Mr. Li said that he did not care about the result. "This incident also involved me too much energy. At the beginning, I just wanted to expose this ugly behavior. It doesn't matter how the follow-up platform judges, but I hope the other party can apologize to me and the public. '

Lawyer: there is a law to abide by, but it is dishonest

Zhou Hao, a lawyer from Beijing Weiheng law firm, told reporters that the buyer asked to return the goods under the rule of "return without reason within 7 days". There was no legal liability, but it was dishonest.

Zhou Hao said that seven days return without reason means that if the seller is unwilling to complete the transaction due to subjective reasons within seven days after signing for the goods and the goods do not affect the seller's second sale, he can apply for 'seven days return without reason'. Therefore, in this case, there is no legal liability for the buyer's use of the rules. But it is dishonest, because wearing new clothes to take photos is actually to recognize the brand and quality of clothes, just using the rules for seven days.

For this kind of malicious purchase behavior by using the platform rules, lawyer Zhou Hao suggested that the platform side can use this to publish the integrity list, announce the dishonest customers, and on the basis of this, appropriately amend the trial scope of seven days' return without reason, and punish the buyers who have lost their integrity points.

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