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Who is the new director? Profile of Mr. Shi Jianing

Some netizens broke the news that the extreme challenge was broadcast by netizens Tucao, Han Chao RM! Make complaints about the new director, the way to play. Let people miss the previous extreme challenge, the former director. Looking back on Yan Min's departure, do many netizens feel very sorry? The ultimate challenge in the heart forever, the man help forever!

"Extreme challenge" has officially announced the start time of the fifth season. On this Sunday, we can see the "extreme men gang" reunited again after a year. It's a pity that it's hard to be complete. In this season, we can't see the two core members of "bad uncle" Huang Bo and "selfishness" Sun Honglei, and we won't see the lovely director Yan Min, because they have already left their jobs and the audience is not satisfied Three of the 6 + 1's have left at once. Huang Lei is frustrated by the frequent departure of his good brothers. Shensuanzi has no desire to fight. He has devoted his main energy and feelings to mango TV station. He will miss up to eight episodes of recording this season. It is reasonable to withdraw two and make up for two. This year, he will make up for three of delireba, Lei Jiayin and Yue Yunpeng. In fact, the program group has already finished Huang Lei is regarded as a semi resigned person. In this case, it's hard to say whether brother Lei will still be here next year!

"Extreme challenge" changed its director this year. The new director borrowed the successful model of running man and signed Deli Reba, a former running man, to inject female elements into the men's gang. This is a rather controversial attempt, subverting the tradition of extreme choice. It can be seen that he does not want to continue Yan Min's style. He hopes to label the program with his own label and choose Di Reba instead It's a smart decision. First of all, delireba's popularity is comparable to angelababy's, which makes him in the same starting line as the runner; Moreover, Reba has the experience of recording outdoor reality shows. After Yan Min left, the new "extreme challenge" seems to be running the same way as a man, which is no stranger to deli Reba. Basically, it doesn't need an adaptation period, so it can be perfectly integrated.

Why did Yue Yunpeng choose "extreme challenge"? Or why did Yue Yunpeng join "extreme challenge"? On the one hand, Yue Yue is humorous and witty. Even if he doesn't speak, he is a burden in itself. His existence can make up for the problem of insufficient output of extreme jokes after Huang Bo left. The key point is that Yue Yunpeng and the new director of "extreme challenge" are inextricably linked Relationship.

The new director of "extreme challenge" is Shi Jianing. It's strange to hear his name. This is also the status quo of most variety show directors. If you look at Shi Jianing's career, the most important one is undoubtedly "happy comedian" which is popular with Shen Teng, song Xiaobao and Yue Yunpeng. Speaking of this, we all understand that Yue Yunpeng is popular through Shi Jianing's variety show, Guo Degang He is also the host of the variety show. Lao Guo has a high voice in Oriental satellite TV. When Shi Jianing entered the extreme challenge, it happened that the men's gang had two pits to fill. Guo Degang said that it would be difficult for Yue Yunpeng not to go to fill the pit;