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How to check pets by express? Pet shipping notes

We all know that many transportation vehicles can't check pets, so we can't take our pets with us when we take the bus. So can we check pets by express? Let's take a look.

Can I check pets by express

Although express can't check pets, car transportation is OK, but not all car drivers let them check. It's OK to say that for short distance, if it's long distance, most drivers won't agree. All this depends on their personal situation.

Of course, railway transportation is also OK, but the owners of pets need to travel together when shipping pets by railway, and they also need to issue an 'immunization certificate'. Only when the formalities are complete can railway transportation be carried out.

The transportation of pet dogs is rather troublesome. The reason why there are clear regulations is also for the good of the broad masses of people. Pet owners should understand that.

Which express can send pets according to the current understanding, Shentong express can send pets, of course, send pets try to choose logistics companies, shipping companies, or train, air transportation and other methods.

Pet consignment refers to the long-distance, medium distance and short-distance escort transportation of pets in accordance with national laws and regulations. Pet shipping is a special form of shipping in logistics. It refers to the service that consignors entrust qualified pet shipping companies to transport pets to designated places and deliver them to designated consignees.

According to the different ways of shipping, pet shipping can be divided into: bus shipping, train shipping, air shipping, pet car, etc.

Pet quarantine certificate is required for the transportation of pets by railway or by air. Generally, the cost of inspection is about 20 yuan. The place of quarantine can consult the local railway freight department.

Pet shipping notes

a. Arrive early: consult the airline and book the cabin two days in advance. As the transportation of pets must be equipped with an aerobic cargo plane, booking the cabin in advance and arriving at the cargo office three hours before departure can ensure that the dog and the owner arrive on the same plane.

b. Avoid extrusion: first, prepare strong and durable special air boxes for transportation. On the one hand, domestic airlines have certain requirements for live cargo packaging, on the other hand, for the safety of pets themselves. In addition, you can use tape to tie a plastic product on the air box to prevent the porter from pressing other items on the box.

c. Don't change planes: as long as you don't change planes during the journey, the possibility of pets being sent to other places by mistake will be much less. If your plane takes off late, you can ask the cargo office to send the dog to the cargo hold later to ensure its safety.

d. Sedatives: if the dog is easily nervous or stimulated, you can consult the veterinarian and buy some sedatives to help him relax.

e. It's better to stick your name, contact information, flight number, destination, etc. on the pet suitcase, and give the pet a collar and identity card to indicate the pet's identity and contact information, so as to avoid mistakes and accidents.