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Is Dyson made in Malaysia a licensed product? What is the development history of Dyson in China

Is Dyson made in Malaysia a licensed product? What is the development history of Dyson in China? Dyson Technology Co., Ltd. is an international company specializing in the production and R & D of household appliances in the UK. It is the world's first "leafless fan" product and has applied for invention and utility model patents in China and other countries.

The origin of Dyson:

In 1979, Dyson bought one of the best Hoover Vacuum cleaners on the market at that time, but the effect of vacuum cleaning failed him.

This aroused his desire to redesign this product as a graduate of design major. In the same year, he sold the patent of ball wheel trolley, which made him a small profit, borrowed some money from the bank, and began to devote himself to the improvement of vacuum cleaner.

In 1983, after 5127 failed prototypes, Dyson finally developed his first star product, double spin vacuum cleaner, in his garage.

Extended information:

Dyson's development in China

In 2012, Dyson entered China. When China's shopping malls are full of dozens and hundreds of hair dryer products, Dyson's price is thousands of yuan.

In terms of price, Dyson has been directly distinguished from other brands. This success has aroused the curiosity of Chinese consumers, and Dyson has also successfully created a high-end foreign brand image. Some users joked, "expensive is not its weakness, it's my weakness.". '

The first stop for Dyson to enter the Chinese market is Shanghai, and a grand press conference is Dyson's first show in China.

Founder James & middot; Dyson, together with a group of engineers and his own high-speed military vehicle, sea truck, made its debut in Shanghai. The atmosphere of the press conference matches the image of Dyson's high-end home appliance brand.

After a good start, Dyson's expansion in the Chinese market has been smooth sailing and achieved explosive growth in a short time.

In 2015, China became the main market with the fastest growth of Dyson, and the revenue growth reached 222%. Dyson China is the fastest growing subsidiary of Dyson.