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Leonard beat the whistle to kill 76 people to enter the NBA Eastern Conference finals

After the first World War, Leonard sent out his masterpiece. He scored 41 points against the 76ers and won the final 4.2 seconds. This shot, in the basket for five times, just fell in, make people feel numb.

Leonard's showdown also attracted heated discussion. James tweeted praise to Leonard for the first time, exclaiming that he won the last prize. You can imagine his excitement. What's worth mentioning is that he tweeted two times in a row, and wrote, "I'll say the best two words in sports countless times! Grab seven" & ﹥ 8203; & ﹥ 8203; & ﹥ 8203; & ﹥ 8203; Wade didn't dare to lag behind, so he immediately tweeted, lamenting Leonard's magical performance.

Basketball commentator Su Qun also praised, "Leonard, played the most number of times in the history of the basket to kill the world!"; "Su Qun further said," the winner may hit a few free agents in one stroke. Then, will enbid propose a deal? Once he is on the top of the East, he won't come down. '

Yang Yi said excitedly, "Kawai, the true God, Leonard. I'm the winner and loser of the contest. I'm the one with the cold face and the heart of steel. Here's the blow!

From a match between the two sides to defend the fierce soldiers, the God who killed reminds me of the bull's game in Salt Lake City. If you haven't seen Michael Jordan, just look at him! Look at the gesture! Look at the will! Look at the murderous spirit! Spurs fans are in such a bad mood

Basketball Reporter Jia Lei also praised that "Leonard's last second elegant shot, the ball bumped three times on the basket before rolling into the basket, as if fate and Philadelphia had played a joke. It's a suffocating kill! It's a one second win! "