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Fulian headquarters is a Chinese enterprise. What's the matter? It turned out to be a garage for Chi

With the release of Avengers 4: the final battle, many netizens are curious about where the headquarters of the film is. According to China Daily, the results showed that netizens exclaimed that Fulian headquarters is a Chinese enterprise. What's the matter? It turned out to be the garage where Chinese enterprises stopped excavators.

It is understood that around June 2018, the production team of Fu Lian hired Sany Heavy Industry's US headquarters in peach tree city, Georgia to shoot. After shooting, the production team restored the renovation and decoration inside the workshop for shooting.

Some netizens said that the indoor scenes of the film were basically shot at Sany Heavy Industry's U.S. headquarters, which used to be the place where Sany Heavy Industry used to park excavators or where employees played badminton.

"According to the known information, the B building of Avengers headquarters, that is, the building near the sea, is the Porsche experience center in Atlanta. 'netizen' is this melon well preserved? According to the article, building a of the headquarters, the building where the space-time shuttle is located, is Sany's US headquarters in Taoshu city.

Sany group, founded in Hunan in 1989, is the largest construction machinery manufacturer in China, the fifth largest in the world, and the largest concrete machinery manufacturer in the world.

A number of Hunan enterprises will show their products this time

Zoomlion acquired wilburt of Germany; Shanhe intelligent acquired the world's second largest aviation aircraft maintenance company; CRCC shield machine successfully exported to Turkey for the first time & hellip; & hellip; in recent years, the Hunan army of construction machinery has accelerated its overseas strategic layout, and the Hunan army's heavy equipment serves 160 countries and regions around the world. For every 10 concrete machines in the world, 8 are produced in Changsha.

Zoomlion has begun to set up exhibitions in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center. With concrete machinery, engineering lifting machinery, construction cranes, earth moving machinery, aerial work machinery, industrial vehicles and overseas brands CIFA and MTEC, 66 new 4.0 series products were displayed at the exhibition.

The year 2019 is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Shanhe intelligent equipment group. The products on display include Arola light sports aircraft, excavator, skid loader, rotary drilling rig, rock drilling equipment, etc.

From export products to investment in factories, from the establishment of R & D bases to the establishment of industrial parks, the construction machinery Hunan army is active all over the world.