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How to identify the true and false 6S earphone? How much do you know about the specific steps

For hundreds of earphones purchased, in fact, pirated earphones are very genuine. If they are highly imitated in workmanship, it is very difficult for ordinary users to distinguish the true from the false, and the price of highly imitated earphones is also very high. Therefore, here is a little bit of personal experience for you. So how to identify the true and false 6S headset? How much do you know about the specific steps?

Methods / steps:

First of all, after getting the earphone, first observe the texture of the earphone box. Apple's earphone box is generally thick, with Apple logo on the back, and the earphone connector is located on the right side of the box, which is clearly visible;

Secondly, after taking out the earphone, the picture shows the style of the font on the genuine earphone. The sound hole is normal, slightly convex rather than concave, as shown in the picture;

After plugging the sound outlet under the earphone, the bass will not be obvious or disappear when listening to music, as shown in the figure;

Check whether the microphone part has the mark in the figure, and it is pressed rather than sliding, as shown in the figure;

The earphone connector made in China is black, while the other versions are white, as shown in the figure;

At the connector of Apple earphone, the genuine one is more meticulous, while the pirated one is generally rough, as shown in the figure;

Finally, you need to connect the phone to see if you can recognize it, and then listen to whether the sound quality of the headset is normal.

The price of headphones also depends. For more than ten pieces of headphones, the possibility of genuine is even smaller.