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How embarrassing it is to burp suddenly. How to stop burping quickly

Hiccup is a phenomenon that many people will appear in life. It is also called "hiccup". It refers to a kind of rapid sound that the stomach qi reverses upward from the stomach and passes through the throat. Although burping is a normal physiological phenomenon, because of its uncertainty, we may have a sudden burping in some formal occasions, which will make us very embarrassed. So, is there any small way to help us stop hiccups quickly? Let's go and have a look with Xiaobian.

The first way is to hold your breath. When we have a sudden hiccup, if it is not convenient to do some actions, we can use the small method of holding breath. The specific method is to raise your head and hold your chest, take a deep breath with all your strength and hold it, don't breathe out until you can't hold it, so you can simply stop the hiccup.

The second method -- water method. When we eat at a table in public, it's awkward and indecent to burp suddenly. So, we can quickly take a sip of water in our mouth for about 20 seconds, and then swallow it, so that we can easily say goodbye to the embarrassment of burping

The third move -- pressing Neiguan acupoints. Every acupoint of the human body is closely related to the symptoms of the body, and burping is no exception. When we have a sudden hiccup, we can press the Neiguan Acupoint on the wrist, which is about three fingers away from the palm of the hand. We can press it with our thumb for a few minutes until we feel the pain. Or, we can also use the method of pinching the middle finger. Hold the tip of the other finger with one hand, and stop the hiccups in about 2 minutes.

The fourth one is diet therapy and tongue pressing. When we have symptoms of hiccups, we can drink some vinegar, or eat hawthorn, chew raw ginger and so on to stop hiccups. In addition, if it is convenient, we can also find a clean spoon, or after cleaning the fingers, put the index and middle fingers together into the mouth, press the tongue, and the hiccups will be stopped in about 2 minutes.