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What's bad about the old man? Profile introduction of xiaojiji

Tiktok software is popular among young netizens. APP is always the first time to catch fresh elements. For example, the tiktok is very bad. Many of you are looking at this as a source of joy. At the same time, the original author 'runaway little Jiji' has also attracted much attention. What's so bad about the old man? Let's have a look at the profile of Xiao Jiji.

What's tiktok bad?

Tiktok tiktok rise head and shoulders above others. You must hear the voice of many people in the jitter. This stem is a funny video from the top of the jitter. A little brother who delivers the takeaway, when he is eight years old, meets a fortune teller. He says he will rise to the top when he is 24 years old, and he will not worry about eating every day. As a result, he finally said, "I believe in you, you bad old man. You're very bad. It's accurate.". I don't know. I thought he was swearing. In fact, this sentence is just a joke, not really swearing.

Later, this sentence became popular on the Internet, and many friends used it to express their dissatisfaction or make fun of each other. Generally, it can be used in the following three cases.

1. The girl called the boy and asked him what he was doing. The boy said that because he missed you too much, he was playing a game now to distract his attention. Then the netizen would comment that you are a bad old man. I believe you are a ghost.

2. When Ma Yun says' double 11 is not a day of discount, but a day of gratitude ', people will feel that they have been fooled by Ma Yun Baba, and then they will comment' you bad old man is very bad '.

3. When you were expecting something, but you let yourself down in the end. For example, Sicong didn't have his own name in the double eleven lottery. Is that ok? You are a bad old man. You are very bad @ Wang Sicong. We are so disappointed.

Profile of xiaojiji

The boy who shot this video, ID, is the runaway little Jiji. He often publishes videos of colleges and universities on the Internet, such as "salesman", "meeting father-in-law", "successful person", "boiled fish" after paying salary, etc. He is from Beihai, Guangxi. He even claimed that he was the dream of 300 million girls, and the man you will never get is as narcissistic as Lin Xinxin. At present, the little Kwai Gigi is going to live on the Internet at 11 o'clock every day, and interested friends can watch it.