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How to send creative SMS on Mother's day? A unique blessing for mother

Tomorrow is mother's day. Have you prepared a gift for your mother? If you haven't prepared a gift, should you also send a blessing to your mother? Here is a funny text message of mother's Day arranged by Xiaobian. Send a message to your mother and wish her happiness!

Mother's Day creative SMS

In this special festival, I send you three friends (one to accompany you for life, one to accompany you around, and the other to stay in your heart)! Their names are 'health', 'Peace' and 'happiness'! Please accept them!

Such a long distance, no gifts, no dinner, only my affectionate blessing, I wish I could turn into a short message, through the radio, across the mountains, into your mobile phone, gently say to you: 'happy mother's Day

Five loves, four insistences, Three Represents, two musts & hellip; & hellip; and I have only one wish: I wish mothers all over the world health and happiness!

If I am rich, you are rich's mother. If I were the president, you would be the president's mother. No matter what my future life will be, I will always love you, mom!

Never be a thief, but want to steal a happiness to you! Never pit people, but want to cheat a happiness to you! Never hurt anyone, but want to turn a happy to you! Never depend on anyone, but want to grab a peace to you! Mom, happy mother's Day!

Mom: you work hard! If it wasn't for Guangzhou Mobile to remind me that mother's Day is coming, I'd like to pray to heaven and earth on Mother's day to prove my sincerity by China Mobile. I wish you good health!

How to spend mother's day? A chat with mother; B help mother do housework; C accompany mother to go out to relax. Choose a: you are a good child; choose B: you are a filial child; choose C: you are a good child who knows how to cherish. Happy mother's Day!

Mice Love Rice mother's day baby love Mommy: I love you, love you, baby love Mommy, no matter which day, baby will love you. I wish you the best of luck and every day. Happy mother's Day!

If someone asked me to give 100 reasons for loving my mother, I would say to him without hesitation: the first reason is that there is no reason to love my mother; the rest 99 reasons are because I love my mother.

Kiss my mother, wish you have a wonderful body every year; every day tomorrow has a lot of happy; every day the mood is very sunny, carefree like baby.

Unique mother's Day wishes

You are a big tree, spring depends on your fantasy, summer depends on your lushness, autumn depends on your maturity, winter depends on your meditation. Dear mom, thank you for everything, wish you a happy holiday!

I have seen the ups and downs of the tides, experienced the ups and downs, tasted the ups and downs, and always felt that your arms are the warmest! No matter how far I go, I will always be attached to you. Happy mother's Day!

My growth is the horizontal bar engraved on your forehead; my indulgence is the vertical bar engraved on your eyebrows; my joy is the fishtail engraved on the corner of your eyes; my success is the dimple engraved on your lips, mom, you have worked hard!

Mountain, no mother's love high; sea, no mother's love deep; day, no mother's love broad; earth, no mother's love tolerance; sun, no mother's love warm; let's wish mother health and happiness; Looking at the mother's growing white hair, the mother's growing deep wrinkles, the mother's gradually bending body, the child's heart has endless gratitude, but they all converge into a sentence: mother! I love you!

The first time I saw you, I was destined to stick to you. Although you beat me and scolded me for ignoring me, I know that you love me the most in the world, love me and care about me! There's no other meaning. I just want to say: Happy Mother's day, mom!

Mom, the wrinkles on your face are just the place where you used to smile. In my mind, you are always the most beautiful. I wish you a happy holiday, health and happiness!