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Can long blain on the back use sulfur soap? Does sulfur soap go blain effect good

Sulfur soap is a very common skin care product. Many people like to take a bath with sulfur soap. Sulfur soap has a strong cleaning and skin care effect. It's said that sulfur soap has a good acne eliminating effect. I don't know if it's true or false. Anyway, many people are recommending it. So is sulfur soap good for acne?

Does sulfur soap the blain on the back

Sulfur soap can be used for acne on the back, because sulfur soap can inhibit sebum secretion, kill bacteria, fungi, molds, mites, parasites, etc., and has a certain preventive and adjuvant treatment effect on some skin diseases. The acne on the back is caused by mites. If you clean it with sulfur soap when bathing, it only takes one week to clear all the mites on the back In addition to clean, let our skin more healthy and refreshing.

How to use sulfur soap for acne on the back

Sulfur soap is not suitable for long-term continuous use. It is recommended that people use it intermittently. At the beginning, it can be used twice a day. After the symptoms are relieved, it can be changed to once a day, once every three days, etc., and it can be used intermittently until it stops. If long-term continuous use of sulfur soap, it is easy to make the skin lack of water, resulting in dry skin and peeling phenomenon.

Does sulfur soap irritate the skin

Sulfur soap is a kind of hand-made soap. The materials used are pure natural sulfur spring ingredients. The pH value is weak alkaline and will not stimulate and hurt the skin. It can be used not only on the back, but also to wash the face. Unless the skin is more sensitive, you can rest assured to use sulfur soap in other cases. Sulfur soap is more suitable for oily skin, because sulfur soap has the effect of oil control; dry skin is best not to use, so as not to make the skin more dry; normal skin can be used properly, but it is better to use as few times as possible; people with sensitive skin had better do the skin sensitivity test before use, and then use it after confirming that they will not be allergic.

What's the advantage of sulfur in soap

As a product of history, people in the past may not have the conditions to take a bath every day. In order to remove peculiar smell and bacteria, adding some sulfur really helps. Sulfur can kill bacteria and relieve itching, which is more suitable for manual workers. But now people's living standards have improved, and the possibility of taking a bath every day is also great. I don't think it's necessary to use sulfur to kill bacteria. After all, there are no harmful bacteria left on the body and face. Some people think that sulfur soap can treat acne, in fact, washing face is only one aspect of acne, and ordinary facial cleanser also has a certain bactericidal function, not that sulfur soap is the only solution. In addition, the use of some acne related skin care products is also necessary, can not only rely on face washing. So, if in order to remove acne sterilization, occasionally with a sulfur soap is not a big problem, but after all, this is not a panacea, do not superstition.