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Where to spend the summer? A city suitable for family to travel in summer

Summer is coming soon. When it comes to summer, the most common complaint is "too hot". The city you stay in is too hot. So you should quickly choose a summer resort. Where to go in summer? Here are some cities that are most suitable for summer.

Where to spend the summer


When it comes to the most suitable summer city, the first thing I think of is the Spring City Kunming. The temperature difference in Kunming is not obvious. The annual average temperature is about 20 ℃. Even in hot summer, the temperature will not exceed 30 ℃. There are a lot of beautiful scenery hidden in this city, as well as simple ethnic customs. Summer is coming It's the best place to spend the summer here.


Yantai is a coastal city close to the mountains and the sea. In summer, you can enjoy the summer vacation and the unique seaside style. Because the unpredictable walrus, mirage and the myth of the Eight Immortals crossing the sea also make Yantai a mysterious city. When you come to Yantai in summer, you can enjoy the vast expanse of sea, walk on the soft sand beach and taste the fresh and tender Don't miss such a wonderful place.


The scenic spot of yunshuiyao is yunshuiyao ancient town in Nanjing, which is a place to experience the pastoral scenery. If you want to explore the characteristics of Tulou folk houses and appreciate the beauty of a quiet town, you can come here to have a look. The annual average temperature of Nanjing is about 21 degrees, which can be said that there is no severe cold in winter and no severe heat in summer. You can visit it all the year round, and you can see fireflies in summer.

A city suitable for traveling in summer


Yichun is known as the 'hometown of dinosaurs', because the first dinosaur fossil in China was unearthed here. The whole city is surrounded by forest. It is green when you see it. It is worthy of the name of' forest capital '. From July to August, it is a good summer resort. The forest is green and the shade is cool. You can also find a place to drift and have fun. If you stay in a big city for a long time, it's good to come here to wash your lungs.

There are many cities that are most suitable for summer in China. The above section simply introduces a few of them. These places are all suitable for summer. They are all refreshing resorts.