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I wonder what do you mean by driving? I suspect you're driving from somewhere

What tiktok do you think you are driving? I am wondering if this is a popular Internet language recently. What do you mean by looking at it? It is generally used to comment on obscure dirty jokes and make fun of them. It means that I know you are talking dirty words, but I have no evidence to expose you. By the way, I'd like to add a compliment.

Driving is a word we often hear in our daily life. It generally refers to people who speak dirty. The most classic usage is: This is not the car to kindergarten, I want to get off!

The car here refers to the old driver's car, which is more yellow and dirty. Some people compare themselves to old kindergarten children, saying that they don't want to get on such a car, indicating that they are very pure, forming a funny contrast effect. There is also a saying that the routine is too deep and you have to get off if you can't keep up with it.

I suspect you are driving, but I have no evidence. The meaning of this sentence is similar to that of "this is not a car for Kindergarten". The main point is that I know you are talking dirty words, but I have no evidence to expose you. It's so suffocating, so even if there is no evidence, I have to say it ~!!!

The earliest time was in a video called "Yunnan folk song" and "old driver takes me". Some women wanted to take the old driver's free ride to the provincial capital. Because of its magical tone, it was gradually compared on the Internet that people who had experienced in a certain industry or field were "old drivers". <