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AHC white bottle how to identify true and false? How to distinguish the bottle cap of AHC water emul

AHC as a cheap milk, I believe many small partners have been planted grass many times, and even started. So the problem is, my friends don't know if they have found that the two caps of water emulsion are the same! Seeing as like as two peas in two identical bottles, netizens said they had a headache. How to distinguish the true and false AHC white bottles? How to distinguish the bottle cap of AHC water emulsion?

Methods / steps:

After receiving the water emulsion, I believe many people didn't find it. In fact, its two caps are different! The following figure appears to be a foam on the left and a smooth plastic on the right.

It is not difficult to tell which bottle cap is the water cap and which is the milk cap. First of all, we need to take out the plastic stopper of the milk.

Then we put the stopper into two caps, and soon we can see that the inside of the cap is smooth plastic, which is the lid of milk (right picture), and the other is the lid of water.

If we still can't tell, it doesn't matter. We can take it up and shake it. If it's loose, it means it's not the cap.

The principle of Xiaobian discrimination is that the opening of milk is relatively large, the inside is smooth, and the plastic cap is slightly convex, which is conducive to the sealing of the opening. The opening of the water is relatively small, and a flexible foam is enough to seal it. AHC company can pay attention to such small details, which shows that its company is still very attentive.