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How to get rid of the annoying waist fat quickly

Recently, the "vest line" is very popular on the Internet, which attracts countless girls' attention. Want to wear good-looking clothes, but afraid to highlight their big belly. Have you ever envied such a small man's waist? How can you lose your belly and get rid of that annoying circle? Now, Xiaobian is going to teach you some effective ways to thin your belly, so that you can also have a slim waist.

We can have a glass of juice or eat a fruit before dinner, such as apple, orange and strawberry. Fruit is rich in fructose and glucose, which can be quickly absorbed by the body after ingestion, so that our blood sugar concentration can be increased, so as to reduce our sense of hunger, so as to reduce our intake of food. And fruit contains a lot of crude fiber, it can promote the peristalsis of the intestine, help us to moisten the intestine, defecate, and benefit our digestion and absorption.

Slowing down eating can also help us lose weight. Eating slowly is not only helpful for digestion, but also can buffer the time when our brain receives the signal of satiety, so as not to cause us to eat too much due to the signal lag, resulting in the accumulation of excess fat and obesity.

Eat less sweets and other high calorie foods. To a large extent, we get fat because of too many calories. Therefore, we should pay special attention to control the intake of sweets at ordinary times. Sweets are often high in calories, but they are not easy to satisfy our sense of fullness, so it is easy to cause obesity.

Drinking green tea can lose weight. Green tea has the functions of detoxification, beautification, moistening intestines and defecation. We can drink some green tea in proper amount at ordinary times to help clean our intestines and stomach, and drain out the excess oil and fat in our body. Green tea will inhibit the operation of proteolytic enzymes, reduce the absorption of protein and amino acids, reduce the absorption of intestinal tract, thus reducing the fat and calorie communities, so green tea can effectively lose weight.