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Li Ka Shing predicts that house prices will be worthless in 10 years' time. Will house prices rise o

House prices are discussed every day, and become one of the topics after dinner. After all, everyone plans to buy a house in the city now. Even business tycoons have come to predict the future house prices. Li Ka Shing, the richest man in Hong Kong, says whether house prices will rise or fall in 10 years' time. Li Ka Shing, on the contrary, says that houses in 10 years' time will be worthless. Let's have a look.

Li Ka Shing predicts that house prices will be worthless in 10 years

In the past, Li Ka Shing did sell real estate. Did he see through the fact that the house is worthless? Li Ka Shing said that the house price will fall in the next 10 years. What is the basis for Li Ka Shing to say that the house is worthless in the next 10 years?

Li Ka Shing has long said that if we continue to build a large number of houses blindly, the houses will be worthless in 10 years. Do you agree with this big man's point of view? 10 years later, will China's house prices continue to rise or continue today's downward trend? According to Li Ka Shing, we might as well analyze the causal relationship and then answer the question of whether the house prices rise or fall!

Will house prices rise or fall in the future

A few years ago, China's housing prices soared. Many businessmen saw the soaring prices and gave up their original projects, turned to the real estate market, hoping to make a lot of money through the house. Developers crazy enclosure blind housing. The result is a surge in China's housing vacancy rate. It is understood that the vacancy rate in China is close to 30%, with about 65 million vacant houses. So what Li Ka Shing said is also very reasonable. The main reason why house prices will not rise in the next 10 years may be oversupply.

Real estate prices and income are seriously out of touch, and the more housing prices rise, the more they can't afford to buy. In the past ten years, the house price has risen dozens of times, but the income of workers has not increased much. The house price has been out of line with the income of ordinary people. Now the house price is beyond people's affordability. If the house price continues to rise in the next 10 years, it will only make people more unable to afford a house.

Insisting on "homeowners don't speculate", speculators are hit. The property market regulation policy has always stressed: 'the house is used for living, not for speculation. 'it is destined that the house will return to its original property, that is, residence. Nowadays, the house prices in some cities have shown a downward trend, and the speculators are gradually withdrawing from the property market. Moreover, with the real estate tax and vacancy tax mentioned many times, the house in the future will not make money if it does not rise by 30%. House prices will become more and more stable, and there will be no sharp rise and fall.