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The low-income group is easy to be obese, and it's really so poor that there's only a pile of fat le

Obesity is something most people don't like to face, especially girls. There are many reasons for obesity, not just because of diet. Recently, low-income groups are prone to obesity. It turns out that many rich people go to fitness to keep their body shape and eat high protein food. Only the poor can not manage their body well.

A new study has found that low-income people may be more likely to be obese because of psychological distress. The main reason is emotional diet.

So in the final analysis, it's still because of diet, so what is emotional diet? Let's look down.

Now China has surpassed the United States to become the world's largest obese population. Previous studies in the United States have shown that due to the low price and rich taste of junk food, families of low-income groups will also prefer to choose such high-fat, high sugar and high salt food. The high-income people pay attention to fitness, nutritional diet, and even have a special dietitian to develop low calorie diet for them. So we can see that in the United States, obese people are mostly concentrated in the low-income group.

Earlier, many Chinese thought that obesity was a disease of wealth. However, with the popularization of the concept of medical health, we can see that the society generally began to pay attention to health. Although it sounds like a joke at first glance, we can also find that people's health concept is gradually strengthening.