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How to identify a silver bracelet? What are the identification methods of silver bracelets

Now there are many kinds of silver jewelry on the market. Silver bracelets are popular because of their simple style, color, and price. However, with the development of market economy, there are many fake silver bracelets on the market. How can we identify the authenticity of a silver bracelet? What are the identification methods of silver bracelets?

identification method of silver bracelet:

1. Use your eyes to identify its quality and authenticity. The high quality jewelry looks bright, delicate and glossy, and is printed with symbols such as manufacturer and shop number; the low quality jewelry is yellowish and rough; the fake silver jewelry is dark and not bright.

2. Considering the weight of silver ornaments, the density of silver is slightly higher than that of common metals. Generally speaking, 'aluminum is light, silver is heavy, and copper is not light and heavy. Therefore, we can make a preliminary judgment on whether it is silver by weighing the weight. If the size of the jewelry is large and the weight is light, it can be preliminarily judged that the jewelry belongs to other metals.

3. Generally, regular products are engraved on the jewelry. If it is pure silver, it should be 'ag925' or '925'. The silver jewelry with high purity is white and a little yellow.

4. Listen to the sound and rhyme, the pure silver jewelry has a sound, no elasticity, and the sound is' por Da por Da '. The lower the quality is, the lower the sound is, and the sharper the sound is, the higher the sound is and the rhyme is. If it is made of copper, the sound is higher and sharper, and the rhyme is rapid and short. If it is made of lead and tin, the sound is dull, short and inelastic.

5. Grind the silver ornaments on the touchstone (just like testing gold), and use silver medicine (silver medicine is a soft mixture of silver powder and mercury) to alter the silver on the touchstone. If there is more silver medicine, the quality will be higher, and if there is less silver medicine, the quality will be lower. If there is no silver medicine, it is a fake.