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How to choose Durian? Durian how to choose the best to eat

Speaking of durian, it's a kind of fruit that people love and hate. Now it's the season to eat durian. I went to the supermarket to buy a Durian, but there is very little fresh meat. How can we choose durian which is rich in meat and delicious?

Pinch the prick

Durian is covered with thorns. Its function is not to stab us. We can pick durian with spikes. If the spines are large and short, the flesh is rich and full, and the skin is thin; if the spines are long and sharp, the flesh is not very full and the skin is thick. Look at the maturity of durian: select two adjacent spikes, hold the tip of the spikes with your hand, and pinch them inward with a little force. If it is relatively easy to let them close to each other, it means that durian is soft and relatively mature; if it feels very solid, it can't be pinched at all, it means that durian can't be bought without maturity.

Look at the size

The principle of picking durian is the same as picking watermelon. The size of durian and the color of its shell are also the ways to distinguish the maturity of durian. Generally speaking, durian with larger body size has better maturity. From the color of the shell, mature durian is more transparent yellow, if more cyan, it is not mature enough.

How to choose Durian


If you are interested in the natural opening durian when you buy durian, you can directly identify durian by smelling. Because in general, there is no mature durian is a good smell of grass. If durian ripens well, the flavor of durian is fragrant and fragrant, which makes people have a sense of appetite. But if durian has a taste of alcohol, it means that durian has gone bad. It's better not to buy it.