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What is Alipay's old mutual treasure? How do you pay for Alipay old mutual treasure?

After the mutual aid scheme of mutual assistance for serious illness, in May 8th, Alipay went on the line of 'old version mutual treasure', because it is just the function of the on-line. Many netizens still don't know how to use it. Where is the Alipay old age mutual treasure entrance, how to join, how to deduct money, what diseases can be protected, let's introduce the Xiaobian to you.

What is Alipay old mutual treasure?

Alipay officially launched the 'old version of mutual treasure' today. If there are 60 to 70 year old people in the family, they can join the free entry. Once the elderly are suffering from cancer, they can apply for 50 thousand (mild cancer) or 100 thousand (severe cancer) mutual aid, which is shared by the members who joined the team, and the single aid is not more than 1 yuan.

Alipay old mutual treasure how to join

1, open Alipay app, enter the home page, click search.

2. Enter the 'mutual treasure' service, you can directly enter the mutual treasure interface

3. Then we can find the parent version of Hubao in Hubao

4. Go to senior mutual treasure, and then click join for parents

5, then choose the family you want to protect, enter your life and ID number, click OK.

How do you pay for Alipay old mutual treasure?

The 14 day and the 28 day of each month are mutual treasure sharing days, when mutual treasure will deduct the amount of the apportionment from each other by the way of Alipay automatic payment.

Calculation formula: apportioned expenses in each period = (mutual fund + management fee) / number of apportioned members;

Each user's contribution to a single patient member shall not exceed 0.1 yuan;

The more the number of patients, the more the number of patients will increase, but the number of apportioned patients will also increase. Please pay attention to the apportionment results of each period for the specific amount.

What diseases can old people protect from each other

Diabetes, rheumatism, hypertension, coronary heart disease, mainly for three high and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. According to reports, children can join for parents who meet the age and health requirements, and the elderly can join on their own. After that, if the elderly suffer from malignant tumor, they can apply for mutual aid of up to 50000 (mild malignant tumor) or 100000 (severe malignant tumor). There is no need to pay any fee when joining the scheme. The mutual aid fund is shared by all members. The amount shared by each member in a single mutual aid case is not more than 1 yuan.