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Is Alipay old age reliable? Alipay mutual treasure entry threshold

Before Alipay's mutual treasure was mainly targeted at people under 59 years old, Alipay has officially launched the anti-cancer plan for the elderly recently. So Alipay old age is mutual reliable? Is mutual treasure insurance? Is it worth joining? Let's introduce Xiaobian to you.

Is Alipay old age reliable?

In May 8th, after the mutual aid scheme for serious illness and mutual assistance, Alipay announced the launch of the 'old version of mutual treasure', a separate cancer prevention and support community for 60-70 year old people. According to reports, the elderly who meet the health requirements can apply for up to 100000 mutual aid if they suffer from malignant tumors.

"Our mutual treasure has more than 50 million people joining in, and has provided help to 36 members with serious diseases through mutual assistance, but it is mainly for users aged 30-59," said Yin Ming, vice president of ant financial services. In order to make more users get inclusive protection, we launched "mutual treasure for the elderly" to provide a mutual help platform for the elderly with serious disease protection needs.

According to Yin Ming, the elderly cancer prevention program for the elderly aged 60-70 follows the mutual aid mode of "one person is sick, everyone pays". Children can join for parents who meet the age and health requirements, and the elderly can join by themselves. After that, if the elderly suffer from malignant tumor, they can apply for mutual aid of up to 50000 (mild malignant tumor) or 100000 (severe malignant tumor). There is no need to pay any fee when joining the scheme. The mutual aid fund is shared by all members. The amount shared by each member in a single mutual aid case is not more than 1 yuan.

Is Alipay old mutual treasure worth joining?

Mutual insurance can't replace insurance. Don't regard it as long-term security or core security, but it can be used as an additional supplement. If you really don't have enough money to buy long-term critical illness insurance, you can join mutual treasure as a transition. Having a share of security is better than 'streaking'. Let's talk about the reasons~

Compared with the general severe disease insurance, huxiangbao has only 100 kinds of severe disease insurance, and lacks mild and moderate disease insurance. Friends who have overestimated the risk of disease should understand that mild and moderate symptoms are the early stages of serious diseases, and the incidence rate is even higher. Moreover, the treatment of some mild and moderate diseases is also a great expense for many families.

The amount of insurance is not enough. If you have a serious illness, you will lose 300000 yuan for those under 40 years old, but only 100000 yuan for those over 40 years old. When you are 60 years old, you will quit mutual treasure. The older you get, the more likely you are to be seriously ill, as everyone knows. After 40, the maximum mutual aid payment for Hubao is only 100000 yuan. Isn't it too shabby to rely on it to pay for all kinds of expenses after a serious illness and make up for the loss of income?

After the sharing amount is uncertain, mutual protection and upgrading of mutual treasure, Alipay said that the total assessed amount of each user in 2019 was not more than 188 yuan. As for what will happen in the future, it is not known. However, the number of people joining in mutual treasure is increasing, and the number of compensation cases is bound to increase in the future. It is impossible to accurately predict how much money we will share each year. One day more money will be paid. Do you insist or quit?

There is a risk of termination at any time. "Mutual treasure" is essentially an online mutual aid program, which is in an awkward situation of not being regulated and not being protected by law. It is a guarantee of uncertain risks. In recent years, dozens of domestic mutual aid platforms have closed down. Moreover, it is hard to say whether the relevant departments will feel that it is too innovative and disturbs the market order in the future.

Alipay mutual treasure entry threshold

For the natural person who intends to join the mutual treasure, although it is 0 yuan, there are certain conditions, which are summarized as follows:

1. Ant members and their minor children with sesame credit score of 650 or above;

2. Have not submitted to any insurance company any claim application for disease insurance with a single payment amount of 20000 or more;

3. The insurance company has not refused, extended, increased or excluded insurance for health reasons;

4. No continuous medication for more than 30 days or continuous hospitalization for more than 15 days in the past two years;

5. Benign polyps, nodules, cysts and masses were not clearly diagnosed;

6. The female insured has no high-risk pregnancy, severe cervicitis, TCT or HPV positive, irregular vaginal bleeding;

7. The insured under 2 years old has a birth weight of not less than 2 kg, gestational age of not less than 36 weeks, no asphyxia, hypoxia, cerebral hemorrhage, growth retardation or cerebral palsy after delivery;

The above is the introduction of Alipay's old mutual treasure introduced by 9 Xiaobian, hoping to help you.