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What's a good-looking lady's bag in China now? Top 10 domestic brand women's bags in 2019

Nowadays, bags are not only fashionable but also easy to use. Moreover, there are many big brands in China with high cost performance. However, women's bags are easy to be out of date. Once they are out of date, we don't want to carry them any more. So what are the good-looking women's bags in China now? Next, let's learn about the top ten brands of women's bags in China in 2019.


Guangzhou Scarecrow Leather Co., Ltd. is a brand operation enterprise with management background. Its investors are domestic well-known manufacturing enterprises, and its executives are all from well-known clothing chain companies. Since the introduction of scarecrow brand in 2004, the company takes franchise as its development strategy and has set up more than 500 Scarecrow leather goods stores nationwide.


Nucell NewZealand is a new and cutting-edge bag brand originated from American fashion culture. It constantly gets inspiration from the classical American tradition, and integrates the current American trend, performing the perfect balance between classic and popular. NUCELLE-, New Zealand, advocates the design concept of temperament, fashion and elegance. It integrates the essence of the classic fashion style of the top fashion bags, selects high-quality fabrics, and tries to learn the popular elements of every season in Europe and America and integrates them into the design of NUCELLE brand. She perfectly combines with the self-confidence but not publicity, charming but not lack of independent life attitude pursued by young women, and becomes the favorite of many fashionable women.

A thousand beauties

Qiandaimingyuan, the brand of qiandaimingyuan Co., Ltd., is a fashion and beautiful lifestyle brand. Through the perfect interpretation and unique understanding of European and American fashion, personality style and exquisite craft, the company expresses the elegant, romantic and confident fashion brand of modern urban women. Follow the fashion, personality, romantic design pursuit, adhere to the Chinese style

The design principle of expensive and elegant, showing the latest trend of modern urban fashion, always runs through the gorgeous, classic original style. Better sales.


As a leading brand of Internet fashion bags in China, macbaugh always adheres to the concept of "fashion is readily available", and divides its product series from age, category and style to meet the needs of different target consumers.


Wanlima is a powerful company integrating production, management, retail and service. Since its birth, it has adhered to the spirit of 'innovation and truth seeking' and the belief of 'loyalty and priceless', actively explored, constantly made progress, and developed rapidly and steadily. Wanlima brand has more than ten categories of products such as men's and women's handbags, shoes, clothing, suitcases, etc. With its unique style of "natural, comfortable and natural", leading the fashion design, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, it has become a well-known brand widely recognized by Chinese and foreign consumers. It has been recognized by the international registration (European Union) and obtained the trademark registration right in dozens of countries and regions around the world.


'fashion style kangaroo leather goods' is one of the few brands that Dongguan kangaroo leather goods Co., Ltd. of China has elaborately built and has international reputation in China. It is a jumping fashion spirit, from Dongguan of China to the whole of Guangdong and the whole of China

The brand was founded in 1997. With kangaroo image as the brand trademark, it comes from nature, lives in nature, is close to nature, and is used for nature. It can feel the beauty of nature and achieve the harmony between man and nature, so as to experience happiness and leisure in body and mind, beauty and elegance in vision, and quiet and comfortable in mind. Dongguan kangaroo leather products cover many aspects, such as leisure, maturity, taste pursuit, personalization and so on.


Golden Fox pays more attention to the fashion, trend and romance of the design, and organically combines the elements of the times, personality and life; The moving colors of nature and the simple and pure fresh breath complement each other, giving people a comfortable and aesthetic feeling, beautiful and unique exotic customs, advocating natural life, simple and leisure romantic atmosphere is the infinite charm and core value of "Golden Fox / Fox" brand interpretation, which is deeply favored and sought after by the majority of politicians, stars, white-collar workers, ordinary people and young people.


Emini house, founded in 2005, is a cutting-edge women's bag brand with modern and retro style in Europe and America. It is located in a group of women who cross the age limit, transcend the shackles of thinking, have self-confidence and taste, and pursue overall excellence. Eminy adheres to the retro style of European and American fashion, adheres to the almost zero distance design from European trend, adopts high-end characteristic leather production, and uses exquisite technology to show elegance in casual details.

"Emily" is eager to pass on -- "handbags with stories"! Handbags are not the products of modern industry. Every handbag has her moving story. Emily believes that there is an encounter, starting from the moment you touch her.

All kinds of bags

QIANZI Baibao is an online fashion women's bag brand. The brand name comes from the first Pinyin letters Q, Z, B and D of each word of QIANZI Baibao, which is more fashionable, elegant, simple and colorful than QIANZI Baibao. QIANZI Baibao describes the bag's various styles and rich types, which means to change the old concept of traditional women's carrying one bag to the end, and advocate that bags can also be as elegant as clothes It's colorful, vivid and all inclusive. It's reasonable to match with different styles of clothes to bring a new interpretation of women's temperament.


The 'Plover' brand of Hong Kong woodpecker (Group) Co., Ltd. focuses on connotation, taste and quality. European classics and oriental culture are perfectly integrated, advocating natural, plain and simple, that is, inheriting delicacy and elegance, while injecting trend and fashion. Moreover, the design is novel and generous, the materials are exquisite, and the production is constantly improving, which makes the taste elegant and the quality noble.