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Want to hypnotize others? How to teach you simple and practical hypnotism

Hypnosis sounds like a mysterious word. So we think it must be a very far away thing from us, and it is also very difficult to learn, in fact, it is not. Professional Hypnosis is beyond our reach. We can learn simple hypnosis. Today, I would like to introduce some simple and practical hypnotic methods to you. I suggest that you use them with the help of professionals.

1. Open and close eyes. In fact, this operation is very simple. Let the hypnotized follow your instructions first, and let them close their eyes first. You count three numbers first, let the hypnotized open your eyes please, then count three numbers, let the hypnotized close their eyes. Repeat this operation. Count three numbers and close your eyes. Count three more and open your eyes. After a while, you will start to confuse each other. Start to count one or two. Pause for a while. The hypnotized person may open his eyes, and then count three quickly. Repeat so many times, and the hypnotized person will be confused by you, which will achieve the purpose of hypnosis.

2. Inhale and exhale. Let the hypnotized sit upright on the chair, legs together, hands on the legs, eyes in front. Tell them that when your arms are up, they inhale, and when your arms are down, they exhale. First of all, say "Hi Yo" in slow motion with arm movement, inhale, exhale, inhale and exhale about seven or eight times, then say "close your eyes" in a soft voice, and command again to inhale, exhale, inhale and exhale about seven or eight times, and then say "sleep" in a soft tone! Push his head back gently with one hand, and hold his head with the other hand, and you will find that he slowly relaxes himself, which is your hypnosis success.

3. Borrowing tools. This annoyance needs to borrow something similar to a pendant. Let the hypnotist's eyes always follow the direction of the pendant in your hand. After a while let him close his eyes, continue to shake the pendant in front of him, and then command him to sleep with a strong tone, he will gradually relax himself until he falls asleep.

These methods all need more practice to succeed.