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Is it summer after the beginning of summer? What does Lixia represent

Summer grows early, the south wind is fragrant. Suddenly, Lixia has passed. Summer is coming! It's time for short sleeves to dominate the wardrobe again! Does it mean that it's summer after the beginning of summer? Is it summer now?

Is summer after the beginning of summer

The shade is getting thicker and the flowers are falling. May 6 is the beginning of summer. Is summer after the beginning of summer? For the division of summer, the standards of Meteorology and astronomy are not consistent.

As the first solar term in summer, the beginning of summer in astronomy really means farewell to late spring and ushering in the beginning of midsummer.

However, the meteorological summer is delayed to about 25 days after the beginning of summer. The ancients regarded the fourth, fifth and sixth months of the lunar calendar as' summer '; now they regard the sixth, seventh and eighth months of the Gregorian calendar as' summer'. Westerners generally call summer solstice to autumnal equinox as summer.

From the meteorological point of view, the beginning of summer does not mean the beginning of summer, and it needs to meet the standard of 5 consecutive days' moving average temperature ≥ 22 ℃ to enter summer. For example, in Beijing, the average time of summer in 1981-2010 is May 19, which is more than ten days away from the beginning of summer.

In terms of temperature, before and after the beginning of summer, only the area south of Fuzhou to Nanling line in China is a real summer with dense green trees and long summer days, and buildings reflecting into ponds. However, some areas in Northeast and Northwest China are just entering spring. The real summer is far away!

Although the temperature is rising rapidly after the beginning of summer, the temperature difference between morning and night is still large in many places. In some periods, the wind blows, and the human body still feels cool, which is far less than the warm wind in summer. During this period, friends still need to pay attention to reasonable clothing, travel windproof and beware of colds.

What does Lixia represent

"Dou refers to the southeast, which is called Lixia. Everything grows up here, so it's called Lixia. '

It is said in the collection of seventy-two lunar orders that the founder is Jianshi, while Xia means false. Lixia means that everything is false at this time. The term "false" here means "big", which means that the plants sown in spring begin to stand up and grow up. People used to regard the beginning of summer as an important solar term when the temperature rises obviously, summer is coming, thunderstorms are increasing, and crops are growing in the peak season.

There are three stages in the beginning of summer

One moment the mole crows. Mole cricket, mole cricket also, suitable for warm and humid environment, with the song of mole cricket, the taste of summer is strong.

The second is when the earthworm comes out. Earthworm is a kind of shade, living in damp and dark soil. When the sun is very strong, earthworm is impatient and comes out to join in the fun.

Wang guasheng was born three times. Wanggua is a special medicinal climbing vine plant in North China. It grows rapidly at the beginning of summer and bears red fruits in June and July.