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Can you still buy it if it's cracked? Is there any value in collection

As the representative of Chinese red, south red is more and more in the forefront of red jewelry with the most beautiful festive color, and is loved by people. In recent years, with the scarcity of natural raw materials, the status of Nanhong has been rising. For the fans of Nanhong, when they buy Nanhong, they always encounter many problems. The most troubling thing is the split of Nanhong. Although ten red nine split, that split the south red should buy it?

Is it worth buying when the south is red

1、 South Red split

Xiaozhi said last time that our current Nanhong are generally Liangshan Nanhong and Baoshan Nanhong, and the output is less. Especially, Baoshan Nanhong, and the original stone often takes the parent rock, with many cracks and large brittleness, so it is not easy for Baoshan Nanhong to have large pieces and unbroken pieces.

"No crack, no southern red" does not mean that southern red must have no crack, but because southern red without crack is relatively rare. Does the cracked Nanhong have no collection value?

2、 The dead split and live split of Nanhong

The crack of Nanhong can be divided into living crack and dead crack.

1. Viviparity

It refers to the cracks caused by the collision in the later period. In the future, they may be longer and larger, or even broken. Special care should be taken to protect them.

2. Dead crack

It refers to the cracks in the formation process of Nanhong agate accompanied by violent vibration. The cracks are fixed and will not grow again. Unless by strong collision, otherwise normal play and wear, there will be no problem. So businesses sometimes say 'this product has a slight crack, but it's OK' and that's what they mean.

As far as the current market is concerned, the price of pure natural Nanhong is more or less' dead crack ', while the price of no crack Nanhong is very high.

3、 Is there any value in collection

Generally speaking, the cracks are distributed at the edge of the south red agate, and they are very small and unclear. Such cracks basically have no effect on the jade; when carving, they can't be seen by skillful covering.

Generally speaking, cracks in Nanhong are very common, but not all of them affect the value. If you are artistic and plastic, you are likely to add points to your collection

4、 Dead crack and live crack, which crack can't be bought

As far as the definition is concerned, there is a risk of breakage in the case of live crack, and it is relatively safe in the case of dead crack. However, in addition to the collection value of the South infrared, the common wearing of the South Red ensures that there is no optimization in the pure nature, the color is eye-catching, and the color is also good. You can choose it at will

Whatever it is, just like it

Most people have to ask, what kind of Nanhong is easier to appreciate? Xiaozhi thinks that in the past two years, the resources of Nanhong are limited, and the future output and stock will be less and less. Therefore, the appreciation space of Nanhong is considerable.

5、 What kind of Nanhong collection can appreciate

1. First of all, we need to look at the texture of Nanhong (of course, this is the basis for the appreciation of all collections)

Generally speaking, the fine Nanhong has dense texture, strong light feeling, special glue feeling and heavy feeling, which is worth collecting.

2. Nanhong should have a certain volume

Those who have seen Xiaozhi's introduction before remember that Xiaozhi said that because of various factors, Nanhong rarely produces any large items. Therefore, when collecting Nanhong's works, the size of the works is also an important parameter to measure the value. (of course, it's not cheap to start with large ones.)

3. The color of South Red should be pure and calm

There are many colors of South red, such as brocade red, rose red, cinnabar red, red white material, chimera red material, cherry red and so on. Generally speaking, among the different colors of South red, brocade red is the most precious, rose red is the second. These two colors can usually reach the level of collection. Other red to see the specific degree and purity to distinguish.

4. Nanhong needs craftsmanship (pay for art)

Seiko makes the value of ordinary materials soar. If you want to collect Nanhong's works, you can consider which works are good sculptors to pay for the art. There is a big room for appreciation in the future.