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Where can I buy tickets for Tokyo Olympic Games

Tickets for the first round of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games are on sale at 10:00 local time on May 9. The sale is only for Japanese residents, adopting the online lottery system. Nearly 3 million people have registered accounts. The results of the draw will be announced on June 20. So how can I get tickets? How much is a ticket?

Do you know how to buy tickets? Is the price high?

Every year, the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games are a big stage to show the culture of the host country.

For example, Japan introduced sumo performance in the opening ceremony of Nagano Winter Olympic Games.

The chief planner of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games is the famous traditional Japanese art, the representative of Rave: Wanzhai Nomura. What kind of opening ceremony he will bring to you is very exciting.

The lowest ticket price for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is 12000 yen (about 720 yuan), and the highest is 300000 yen (about 18000 yuan).

New national arena of Japan

The national arena, which hosts the opening and closing ceremonies, is said to hold 70000 people. So I'm afraid the cheaper ticket will be a little more remote. But if you can enjoy it on the spot, your body feeling will definitely surpass that of TV.

All kinds of individual events

Tickets for the Tokyo Olympic Games range from 2500 yen (about 150 yuan) to 130000 yen (about 7800 yuan), half of which are no more than 8000 yen, that is, less than 500 yuan, which is very close to the people.

Price list of popular events

Please make a reference

Swimming contest:

Diving competition:

Stadium Games:

Badminton competition:

The table tennis match:

basketball match:

football match:

The volleyball match:

Gymnastics competition:

Shooting competition:

Weightlifting competition:

JPY 5800 - JPY 108000

JPY 3500-jpy 30500

3000 yen - 130000 yen

4000 yen - 45000 yen

3500 yen - 36000 yen

3000 yen - 108000 yen

JPY 2500 - JPY 67500

3500 yen - 45000 yen

4000 yen - 72000 yen

JPY 2500 - JPY 5500

JPY 2500-jpy 12800

In addition to ordinary tickets, group tickets and high price tickets with catering services are also included.

Group tickets are for groups of two or more people including children, the elderly and the disabled.

The average group ticket price is as low as 2020 yen per person, which means "everyone supports Tokyo 2020".

The lowest ticket price will be mainly sold at the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the preliminary contests of all events. In addition, there are tickets for the disabled and group tickets for the disabled to watch the competition with their family and friends.

In addition, you can watch marathon, road bike, triathlon and race walking on both sides of the street for free.

How to buy tickets

Unlike other tickets, not all bookers can buy tickets. Because the tickets are sold by election.

The Tokyo Olympic Committee has set up an official booking network on its official website, which will also introduce in detail the types of seats, the configuration map and the details of tickets.

Potential ticket buyers need to register 'Tokyo 2020 ID' on the official website of the organizing committee,

Then use the ID to apply on the ticketing website. Ticket buyers can choose items, schedules, types of seats and number of tickets on the website.

According to different projects and schedules, there is a limit of 2-8 tickets, and the maximum number of tickets can be 30.

Tickets for popular sports such as track and field should be sold by lottery.

A person is not allowed to register more than one ID. if it is found, it will be deemed invalid.

In the ordinary tickets, the tickets sold by the audience according to the order of lottery have seats of a and C, but they can't choose the seat number when buying. Tokyo Olympic Committee members are expected to decide the order of seat numbers after the spring of 2020.

"You can apply online from May 9 to 28, and the results of the lottery will be announced on June 20. Ticket buyers will have to complete the payment and other related procedures before July 2. 」

It is worth noting that the method of purchasing tickets through the website is only for Japanese nationals and Japanese residents. The time and method of purchasing tickets for overseas personnel should be consulted with the official agencies of various countries and regions.

The ticketing website of Tokyo Olympic Games has already announced some overseas agencies about the ticketing situation in China. At present, only the official ticketing agencies in Hong Kong and Taiwan of China have been announced.

Illegal resale prohibited

The Tokyo Olympic Committee calls on people who want to watch the games to go to the official designated sales outlets or outlets to buy.

Auction and other informal places may have invalid or forged tickets. Please pay attention.

And in June this year, laws will be introduced to prohibit illegal resale of tickets.

According to the law, illegal resale of tickets around the venue or on the Internet will be regarded as illegal "ticket seller behavior".

Tokyo Olympic Committee will publish the lottery results of booking tickets after the introduction of the law, so as to curb illegal resale.

Official resale services

In order to cope with the situation that tickets can not be bought to watch the games, members of the Tokyo Olympic Committee will set up regular resale channels from the spring of 2020.

Some people who want to resell tickets can display their tickets on the Internet, which is convenient for those who want to buy tickets. Tickets will be sold at the original price. After the end of this year, those who fail to win can buy tickets on a first come first served basis.