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Why does Zhou Dongyu want to cut his cuntou

On the 9th, Zhou Dongyu's cuntou style was exposed. Zhou Dongyu actually cut her cuntou in order to play in the film "young you". Some netizens praised her as a dedicated actress, contributing to the style "playing really". Some people also call her "super a" shape! Do you think Zhou Dongyu's shape looks good?

The film "young you" is scheduled to be released nationwide on June 27. Directed by Zeng Guoxiang and starred by Zhou Dongyu, Yi Guan Qianxi, Yin Fang and Huang Jue, the film tells the story of two teenagers who are changed by a campus accident on the eve of the college entrance examination, guarding each other and becoming adults they want to be. Zhou Dongyu plays No.1 female Chen Nian in the film. Chen Nian is an introverted top student. She wants to study hard, get into a good university and leave the town, but she suffers campus violence in school. Xiao Bei, played by Yi Qian Xi, is a poor PE student.

Zhou Dongyu and Yi Xiang Qianxi both cut their hair for the film, especially Zhou Dongyu, who sacrificed a lot for the film. For a long time, her hair didn't grow out and she had to wear a hat everywhere. Few actresses were willing to cut off all her hair for filming.

Why does Zhou Dongyu cut his cuntou

Zhou Dongyu cut an inch for the film "young you".

"Young you" tells the story of how a pair of teenagers with different backgrounds guard each other and grow up together. Although Zhou Dongyu's "top student" looks weak, she is a girl with a strong heart, while Yi Qianxi's "little gangster" looks cold and uninhibited, but she is gentle to the people she cares about. For the first time, the two cooperated on the screen, one hard and the other soft, and they radiated dazzling youth energy.

The release of the poster triggered a heated discussion among fans and audience. The poster continues the temperament of "youth of you" and turns the pain and predicament of youth into pouring rain. Zhou Dongyu and Yi Guan Qianxi still choose to face up to the heavy rain and show their positive attitude towards youth. The phrase "you protect the world, I protect you" in the poster not only reveals the intimate relationship between the two teenagers, but also shows their vows to the audience for the first time.

Director Zeng Guoxiang mentioned that 'the growth of teenagers is accompanied by pain, but courage is their biggest weapon. No matter what kind of difficulties the two teenagers in this poster are facing, their vitality like weeds still unfolds. Producer Xu Yuezhen hopes to convey the film's attitude towards youth to the audience through "young you." youth means bravery and hope. "In the process of growing up, young people may experience a lot of unhappiness and difficulties, but they still have to believe in themselves and the future.

This is the first time that Zhou Dongyu's cuntou style has been exposed in the poster. This is also the first time that the 'cuntou' style of the two protagonists has been combined. As for the breakthrough in modeling, they said that they would not have any psychological burden at all. Zhou Dongyu said with a smile that "such a change is very interesting and easy in life", while Yi Guan Qianxi said that the change in modeling is very helpful for entering the play. "After the change in modeling, I feel that the whole person is different.".

This time, Zhou Dongyu subverts the image and plays a 'wild girl' under the cover of a good girl. For the first time, Yi Qian Xi, who was the leading actor of the film, broke the previous idol image and created a rough image of "wild boy" in order to play a good role as "little gangster". What kind of tacit understanding and interaction can the two people cooperate on the screen for the first time become the most anticipated place for the film.