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How to plan mother's day? Two theme plans for mother's Day activities

Mother's day in 2019 is Sunday this week. On Mother's day, I believe shopping malls will organize all kinds of mother's Day promotion activities. For shopping malls, if they want to plan an excellent mother's Day activity, what should they do? Let's have a look at the introduction of mother's day plan!

Mother's day planning

1、 Activity background

Maternal love is a high mountain, no matter how much difficulty you have, it always relies on the barrier, the towering body, for your shelter, make you feel at ease. The second Sunday in May is mother's day. I hope mothers all over the world don't forget to leave a share of love for themselves. I hope children all over the world don't forget to repay their mother's love. Let's express our love in this fragrant may and continue the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation.

2、 Purpose of the activity

April has passed and may is coming. We will have the annual mother's day again. Nowadays, children are more and more far away from home, and the number of times they go home every year is also very small, so there is little communication. (especially college students) in such a festival to express their love to their mothers, we hope that we can fully express our love for their mothers through this activity.

3、 Theme

Love is hard to open in the heart, speak out the love in the heart

4、 Activity time

May 12 (all day)

5、 Activity location

Square, classroom, etc

6、 Activity content

(1) Thanksgiving mother's Day Card Exhibition

1. Do well in display board decoration

2. From 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on May 12, please write down your blessings or words to your mother on the prepared 200 color cards.

3. Put it on the display board by the students themselves

(2) The promise of love

1. The event was held in the square from 3pm to 5pm

2. Draw up a letter of commitment to love and distribute it to the children in the square. If you sign a letter of commitment to love and promise to wash your mother's feet, you will get a carnation for your mother to express your love.

(3) Family connection

1. Put up banners to encourage people to call their mothers on this day

2. Students who have called or will call sign their names on the banners to commemorate

3. The event was held in giant square

(4) Watching movies

1. Choose a movie that matches the theme and play it in the big step classroom

2. Representatives from all colleges will watch and write their thoughts

3. The activity starts at 7 pm

7、 Capital budget

1. 200 color cards, display board decoration subtotal: 50 yuan

2. Publicity expenses (three banners, one off campus, two activities, six posters) banners 50 & times; 3 = 150 yuan, posters 10 yuan

3. 50 carnations: provided by merchants

4. Working capital: 200 yuan

Theme scheme 2 of the latest mother's Day activities in 2019

1、 Market purpose:

After the May Day holiday, mother's day will bring the second sales climax in May. Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to filial piety and beauty. How to arouse filial piety and women's instinct to love beauty is a problem that businesses must consider. Mother's Day sales focus on cosmetics, accessories, women's wear and women's related goods. Strive to win sales with the advantages of commodity promotion and mother's Day atmosphere.

2、 Theme:


2、 Time: May 10 (Friday) - May 12 (Sunday)

3、 Sales target: RMB 30 million, growth rate: 0

Promotion fee rate: 0.41%

4、 Activity content:

Cultural event: May 12, 14:00 & middot / XXXX women's show.

Promotion content:

(activity plan 1)

1. Give full amount of domestic service, love mother give holiday relaxed

Activity description: one 3-hour housekeeping service card will be given for shopping with a total of 1000 yuan and above (for valuable goods with a total of 1000 yuan), and the invoice balance will not be accumulated.

I design or print the card face, as a gift or full amount, feel more warm and practical. And news value.

Activity purpose: enrich shopping activities, encourage consumption, the overall promotion activities more fuller; 100 pieces per day, until the end of delivery.

Budget: 100 * 40 * 3 = 12000

(activity plan 2)

2. Full amount of silver jewelry for mother's peace and happiness

Activity description: a silver ornament (one out of three, worth about 50 yuan) will be given for the total amount of 2800 clothes shopping. The invoice balance of participated activities does not accumulate.

Activity purpose: enrich shopping activities, encourage consumption, the overall sales promotion is fuller; auspicious meaning, more acceptable. (department store or women's Department). )

Budget: 100 * 50 * 3 = 15000

3. Hundreds of special gifts for mother's Day

Activity time: May 10 - May 12 (three days)

Activity Department: Department Store Department, women's Department, leisure department

Activity description: Launch 100 special products on Mother's day, forming a certain momentum. The main purpose is to attract customers to go to the counter to find, and to drive the sales of other commodities through special commodities. Every special item should have pop prompt "mother's Day special". In addition, some commodities can be recommended by various departments to prompt "mother's Day recommendation", so as to make the atmosphere of mother's day more intense.

5、 Media support:

"XX Evening News" Shuangtong 19800 yuan, website, XX business daily and other media news

6、 Market promotion atmosphere

Pop, light box in the lobby, advertisements on both sides of the escalator and the gate

7、 Activity cost budget:

Advertising fee: 19800 yuan. Art decoration: 1500 yuan, activities and gifts: 15000 yuan, total: 36300 yuan.