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What's going on with the expensive birthday party for primary school students? Parents compete with

What's the matter with the sky high price birthday party for primary school students? What's the situation with the more luxurious party for primary school students? Many friends still don't know. Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

What's going on with the expensive birthday party for primary school students

With the improvement of living standards, more and more parents hold birthday parties for their children. Some parents even hold birthday parties for their children, which are comparable to wedding scenes. Tens of thousands of yuan of spending and hundreds of thousands of yuan of gifts, so that the original simple birthday party carries too much secular meaning, several times a month to participate in, but also increased the burden of some families. Many parents feel: such a birthday party, really unbearable.

There are many choices to make a child's birthday valuable and meaningful. So, what kind of birthday party is to love children?

Recently, the article "what about the trend of luxurious 10th birthday? An open letter from a primary school principal in Nanjing to his parents has become popular", which has burst the circle of friends and aroused the resonance of many parents.

How to find a balance between the significance of growing up and human relations, not only to meet the needs of children, but also to cater to the secular social, has become a difficult problem for parents.

More luxurious children's birthday party

The tall cartoon arch at the door of the hotel, huge photo, long red carpet extend from the door to the podium. If you don't look at the pictures on the screen, the balloons and flowers arch every few meters give you the illusion of entering the wedding scene.

This is Wang Fang's second "12th birthday party" in a month. Qiqi is her daughter's classmate.

Under the chairmanship of the emcee, in the background music of the birthday song, Qiqi, accompanied by her parents, walks down the red carpet like a star. "Little birthday star" read out the 12-year-old declaration, bowed to his parents and expressed gratitude. His parents sent a message, and the whole family poured wine to the champagne tower. The cheers of classmates and the applause of relatives and friends pushed the full sense of ceremony of birthday celebration to a climax. When the lights went out, 12 candles were lit & hellip; & hellip; after the students and Qiqi exchanged gifts, the stage entered the singing and dancing stage, and Qiqi's parents began to toast the guests.

In addition to the different protagonists, more than ten guests at the table pushed cups and changed cups, and the guests lined up in front of the ceremony, which made Wang Fang feel that this luxurious birthday banquet was no different from the wedding banquet she often attended.

In the north, it is more common to hold "full moon wine" and "one year old banquet" for children. In recent years, there have been more and more "10th birthday party" and "12th birthday party". Shanxi folk have 12-year-old 'unlock' saying, 'unlock' marks the child into the juvenile period. As an important time node, most parents will hold a banquet to celebrate their children's 12th birthday.

'in the past, children used to buy a cake and give a small gift for their birthday. In Wang Fang's memory, her daughter's birthday before she was 12 years old was a family dinner. After her daughter goes to primary school, 'occasionally, there will be a birthday treat for her children in the class, but generally, she is also a few good classmates who will give gifts to each other. Over the past few years, children's birthdays have been more grand than weddings, and their gifts have gone up, from the first 100 or 200 yuan to 500 yuan or 1000 yuan. 'another headache for Wang Fang is to accompany her daughter to choose gifts for her classmates. It's not too cheap. It costs at least one or two hundred yuan. It's even more expensive if you have a good relationship. '

A manager surnamed Cheng of a company in Taiyuan, which specializes in high-quality children's birthday planning, told reporters that there is a strong demand for children's birthday party in Taiyuan. If it is estimated that 100 people eat, the average consumption of a theme birthday party is about 50000 yuan.

It's also a special experience to have a group birthday with friends. Recently, the group Birthday Ceremony for the third grade young pioneers of Hongkou District in 2019, which was organized by the third Central Primary School of Hongkou District in Shanghai, was held. All the members of the group gathered together to welcome their 10th birthday through recitation and sitcom.

Parents keep up with the crowd, businesses add fuel to the flames

'now parents give their children twelve, which is quite grand. They not only pay attention to the sense of ceremony, but also require interaction and creative planning. 'the head of a celebration company in Taiyuan told reporters that parents are not satisfied with the simple arrangement and hosting of their children's birthday party. 'the master of ceremonies presided over, VCR of growing up, parents' congratulatory speech, gift giving, unlocking ceremony, cake sharing, etc. From planning and hosting, to programs and props, plus the cost of stage layout and photography, at least 7000 yuan will be spent. Some parents will also require the production of photo, micro film, and even UAV shooting. A birthday party costs tens of thousands of yuan, even 100000 yuan, which is no less than a wedding. '

The reporter visited several hotels in Taiyuan that specially undertake birthday party, and almost all the appointments were made in the first ten days of May. Generally, you need to book more than half a month in advance. May belongs to the peak season. If you choose Saturday and Sunday, you need to book one month in advance. Some customers who have special requirements for the hotel environment will even book half a year in advance. '

The more luxurious the birthday party is, the more expensive the gifts are. This also makes many parents feel pressure and helpless. Ms. Liu, who has just given her son a birthday party, is very tired and helpless. 'children are greatly influenced by their surroundings. Once there are children in the class, they will follow. If schools and parents do not give guidance, the wind of competition will become more and more serious. '

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Everyone around them has given their children twelve, and so have all the students in the class, but they are afraid of their children's grievances and don't want to be too humble. What's more, I've been giving gifts to people for so many years. There must be a reciprocity. The "herd mentality" and "fear of loss" mentality make the original simple birthday party carry more secular meanings, while the parents' vanity and comparison mentality make the birthday party more luxurious and more tasteful.

In order to cater to the psychology of some parents, some businesses have launched personalized customized services to solicit business. With the introduction of refined and personalized services, the cost of birthday banquet is also rising. Manager Cheng told reporters that they can provide more than ten different styles of theme parties, such as Alice in Wonderland and little prince, according to their children's gender, age and hobbies, with only planning costs ranging from 10000 yuan to 50000 yuan. "Rich birthday theme, unique ball decoration, funny clown performance, lovely cartoon stars, lively atmosphere, professional and sincere team, create a special birthday party for each child. '

Experts suggest making birthdays more meaningful

There's nothing wrong with celebrating a birthday. But with the improvement of economic conditions, some parents have put out banquets for their children's birthdays, which has transformed "birthday" from a good wish to their children into a means of competing with each other and even showing off their wealth. However, how does the child feel about the more luxurious birthday party?

In the interview, Qiqi, who had just finished her 12th birthday last month, told the reporter, "half of the students in the class have passed the 12th birthday, and the contents are almost the same, which is meaningless. 'Qiqi thinks that this kind of birthday party' is not what I want, but what mom and dad want to do '. What kind of birthday do you want to have? Qiqi's answer is' not luxurious, but meaningful '.

Wang Fang, who had planned not to give her children the twelfth birthday, got tangled after attending Qiqi's birthday party. Another worry of Wang Fang, who works in an organ, is that "the regulations of the unit" are now under strict control, and some people have already been punished. Try to keep a low profile and be ready to communicate with your child and compensate in other ways. '

Yang Xiao, vice president of the school of education of Shanxi Normal University, believes that a meaningful birthday party can not only leave good memories in children's life, but also harmonize the relationship between classmates and help children grow up better. But the adult banquet has more advantages than disadvantages for children. 'the child is in the period of growth and development, and the outlook on life and values have not yet been finalized. In fact, the comparison of children's birthday parties is a manifestation of parents' comparison psychology. The typical adult communication of holding birthday parties and receiving gifts will not only affect children's outlook on life and values, but also affect children's learning and friendship between classmates. '

Birthday is an important time node in children's growth process. We should take this opportunity to teach children how to be grateful and cherish, how to treat themselves and others well, and grow up happily. If we blindly satisfy the children in material, or even compare with each other, it is not conducive to the development of children's personality and character. 'Yang Xiao suggests that schools or classes can consider sending blessings to students on their birthday by means of collective blessing and singing birthday songs. When it is found that some parents or students hold birthday parties and compare with each other, the school also has the responsibility to remind and regulate them.

According to the children's interests, we can choose a commemorative way to celebrate their birthday. For example, children who like reading can invite students to hold a small reading sharing meeting, and children who like piano can consider family piano concert. Parents can also take their children to the welfare home to visit children, or a birthday tree is a good form. Compared with a luxurious birthday party, a different birthday may leave children more beautiful memories and the significance of growth. '