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Hasn't Justin Kay finished his meeting yet? What's that? Why is Jia Shikai called La tiaokai

If an actor wants to become a star, he can't do without the support of a brokerage company. A good agent can make an actor famous and get twice the result with half the effort. Jia Shikai is the leading agent in China. Yang Yang, song Qian and others are popular with him. Recently, because Jia Shikai has not responded to Yang Yang's and Qiao Xin's love affair, he went on a hot search. So why is Jia Shikai called La Tiao Kai?

Justin Kay has a nickname in the entertainment industry called rattie Kay. When friends tease Jia Shikai, they habitually call him La tiaokai. Jia Shikai always smiles and doesn't speak. The survey results show that Jia Shikai loves eating spicy bars, and every time he has a meal, he is not happy with spicy bars. Spicy bars are nicknames given to him by his friends.

Yang Yang follows Jia Shikai to leave the original company

Jia Shikai used to be the vice president of huanrui century, who decided the company's big and small things. The success of huanrui century can't be separated from Jia Shikai's hard work. In June 2015, Jia Shikai posted an article on Weibo, claiming that he had left huanrui century and was about to set up a private company to carry out in-depth cooperation with huanrui century. Yang Yang and Ying'er forwarded Jia Shikai's microblog and said they would leave with Jia Shikai. It is well known that Yang Yang and Huan Rui have terminated their engagement. Now, with the help of Jia Shikai, Yang Yang's career goes further, proving that his original choice was not wrong.

The media reported that Jia Shikai and song Qian had an ambiguous relationship

Some time ago, "ancient love song" hit, you must be familiar with song Qian. As soon as song Qian returned home, she signed a contract with Jia Shikai and was highly praised by Jia Shikai. Song Qian says frankly that everything at work is taken care of by Jia Shikai. The media has filmed more than once that song Qian and Jia Shikai are ambiguous, beyond the ordinary relationship between agents and artists. Song Qian firmly denied that she had an improper relationship with Jia Shikai.

In 2014, Jia Shikai arranged song Qian and yang yang to take on the role of cocoon town. Song Qian and Yang Yang Yang were formed into official partners, and rumors spread intermittently. Many people mistakenly thought that they were making a joke. In April 2016, netizens revealed that Yang Yang and song Qian stayed in the hotel together. The number of Yang Yang's fans dropped sharply. Jia Shikai is silent for four days and denies that Yang Yang and Song Xi are lovers. Song Qian reprimanded the rumor through her studio. Jaskay soonsy didn't fall out.