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Is the new regulation for electric vehicles national? The new regulations for electric vehicles will

Electric vehicles are popular because they are easy to ride, small and easy to park. However, there have been no traffic regulations for electric vehicles before, so that electric vehicles are reckless on the road! There are a lot of traffic accidents caused by electric vehicles, such as occupying sidewalks and motor vehicle lanes in violation of regulations. Then the new regulations for electric vehicles were implemented. Netizens asked whether the new regulations for electric vehicles are national? In addition, it said that the new regulations for electric vehicles will be officially implemented in April 2019. Let's have a look.

As the saying goes, when things go to extremes, things will turn to the opposite. This is the case with electric cars now. Because all kinds of electric cars begin to appear, there are more and more illegal electric cars, and more and more illegal phenomena. Electric cars have become the biggest hidden danger of traffic safety after cars!

In order to rectify the chaos in the domestic electric vehicle market, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other four departments approved and issued the national standard of safety technical specification for electric bicycle. The new regulations also make the whole country strengthen the regulation of electric vehicles, and the new traffic regulations responding to the new regulations may become the most stringent measures in the history. The 19-year-old regulations were abolished and the new regulations were promulgated.

If the electric bicycle exceeds the standard, it shall be handled according to the electric motorcycle, and the process of registration and driving license is similar to that of motor vehicle; if the electric bicycle does not exceed the standard, it shall be handled according to the non motor vehicle, without driving license, and the registration of license plate shall be carried out according to the local administrative measures. The new national standard will be officially implemented from April 15, 2019, and the transition period will be from May 15, 2018 to April 14, 2019.

Because the traffic accidents caused by electric vehicles are endless, even if they collide with motor vehicles, the fault party is the owner of the electric vehicle, and the owner of the motor vehicle also needs to make compensation. If electric vehicles don't obey the rules, they can still receive compensation, which is unfair in the eyes of motor vehicles, but the regulations are so unfair that they can't appeal. However, this situation will be effectively alleviated after the registration of electric vehicles and the examination of driver's license.

Electric car to license, you need to get a driver's license, electric car host license driving, behavior will naturally like the car owners are subject to traffic regulations of strict governance! To use a driver's license, you have to take an exam. You can get a driver's license only after you pass the exam. The registration fee for an electric vehicle driver's license is 335 yuan, of which 225 yuan is for the test, 100 yuan for the test training, and the remaining 10 yuan is the labor cost for the driving test. After applying for the electric vehicle driver's license, you need to study in the designated driving school. If you can pass the driving test smoothly, you can obtain the f license. If you fail in the exam, you can take a make-up exam until you pass.

The subject of electric vehicle test is similar to C1 driver's license. Subject 1 is also the study of theoretical knowledge, including the study of various traffic signs and traffic regulations. It takes 90 points to pass the test. The second subject is the skill test of driving electric vehicles on the spot, including parking and starting on ramp, pile test and bridge crossing project. This subject needs to reach 80 points to pass. Subject three is mainly the road test, as well as the study of driving civilization, the test score needs to reach 90 points to pass!

When you have a driver's license, if you violate the rules, you will be stopped by the traffic police, and then you will be punished. So when you ride a battery car, you also need to take a driver's license. Otherwise, you will be driving without a license, and you will be punished, and you will be fined and deducted points. Therefore, after taking the driver's license, you can no longer rush like before, and you have to abide by the traffic regulations. If you have a license, you will be fined! Finally, I would like to remind you that at present, the vehicle management offices in many areas have begun to require electric vehicles to be licensed according to the regulations. After the driving test, we must remember to get the license, otherwise, once it is found, it is likely that 12 points will be deducted!

The purpose of the implementation of the new regulations is to manage electric vehicles systematically and plan urban traffic, which is also the trend of the times. All the efforts are for more orderly road traffic. So you are ready to start with consumers of electric vehicles, when you buy, you must pay attention to the new national standard models!