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Is it useful to stick dog stickers in summer? What are the functions and taboos of Sanfu paste

Many people have tried to use Sanfu paste. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the prevention of disease, that is, to prevent disease in advance. Sanfu paste is the most common method of treating disease in winter and summer. It is a traditional Chinese medicine paste in summer. Is it useful to stick Sanfu paste in summer? What are the functions and taboos of Sanfu paste? Today, I will give you a detailed introduction.

Methods / steps:

Sanfu plaster is a common method of treating diseases according to acupoints in traditional Chinese medicine. It mainly uses acupoints to infiltrate drugs into the body and stimulate acupoints to achieve the effect of treating and preventing diseases.

Sanfu paste is mainly used to adjust the body's viscera through the meridians, correct the Yin and Yang of the viscera, so that it is neither too prosperous nor too weak, which is conducive to health.

The application of drugs to acupoints in dog days is based on the theory of nourishing yang in spring and summer. It can enrich the Qi of the human body, maintain the balance of yin and Yang of the body, and achieve the health of the body.

Sanfu paste has a very rich role, which can warm the lung and disperse cold, open orifices and dredge collaterals, improve the body's immunosuppression, enhance the body's resistance, and reduce the occurrence of body diseases.

Sanfu plaster is a kind of medicine, which can regulate qi, blood, yin and Yang through meridians. It can effectively reduce the reaction of body antigen and antibody, reduce the attack probability of body allergy, and help allergic people reduce allergic reaction.

Sanfu paste has a certain preventive effect on some common lung diseases, cough, cold, weak resistance, rheumatoid diseases, and some common spleen and stomach deficiency cold.

Sanfu paste has a certain preventive effect on some common female dysmenorrhea, postpartum headache and low back pain, which are caused by low immunity and endocrine disorders.

Although Sanfu stickers can prevent diseases, not everyone can stick them. It is not suitable to stick Sanfu stickers when pregnant women are suffering from major diseases and during their holidays.