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When is love apartment 5 on air

Director Wei Zheng recently announced the shooting of "love apartment 5". He said that "love apartment 5" will be the final season of the whole "love apartment" series, with the return of Lou Yixiao, Zhang Wei, Li Jiahang, Lu ziqiao, sun Yizhou, Meijia, Li Jinming and Zeng Xiaoxian, Chen Heyuan. As a TV play that once grew up with the post-90s, are you looking forward to it?

Love apartment 5 will go online in 2020, and the last one was the fourth season premiered on January 17, 2014. "Love apartment" tells the story of 10 different people living in love apartment, which is ordinary but full of fun.

Love apartment 5, which has been said to have been shooting for so many times, has finally come true this time. After five years' absence, the scene of Zeng Xiaoxian, Hu Yifei, Meijia, ziqiao and Zhang Wei appearing in the same frame is a storm crying. It's not only to realize the promise to the audience, but also to draw a happy end to this period of youth. It's not easy to stick to it after so much experience. I'm really looking forward to the grand finale!

In one's lifetime! The final season of love apartment 5 has been officially announced, and these protagonists are here! The classic scenes and lines are vividly remembered, which are the original formula and familiar taste. There have been some disputes about the love apartment series online, so we must be under great pressure this time. But it's really satisfying to see the ending of love apartment. I hope we can treat it rationally This final season, and have been waiting for the apartment good-bye.