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What's the matter with little Lucas? Little Lucas read the seconds to kill

At 3:00 a.m. Beijing time on May 9, in the second round of the semi-final of the European Champions League, what happened in the last match? What happened to Lucas' second reading Victory? What made everyone cry and turn back the Champions League duel? Next, let's take you to have a look at the specific situation of this duel.

What's the matter with little Lucas

At 3:00 a.m. Beijing time on May 9, the second leg of the 2018-2019 Champions League semi-final was over. In the final match, Tottenham Hotspur, the Premier League team, reversed the reversal of Liverpool the day before, and the process was even more exciting. They started to catch up when Ajax scored two goals and the total score was 0-3. Lucas scored a hat trick and won in the sixth minute of stoppage time. As a result, the total score of both sides was 3-3. Tottenham advanced to the final with the advantage of away goals.

Tottenham suffered from injury in the last game. In addition to Harry Kane who was absent due to injury, sun Xingzhen, the core of the team, was also suspended. Many factors led Tottenham to lose 0-1 to Ajax in new Bailu lane. Sun Xingzhen's comeback in this game boosted Tottenham's confidence; Ajax's team is young and full of impact. The excellent performances of delicht and zieher in the game are obvious to all. The youth team who has reached the semi-final has become the biggest dark horse in the Champions League this season.

A stunning reversal of the Champions League

In the first half of the game, AJAX took the lead. In the fourth minute, Tadic's shot was blocked and bounced up by tripier, and the ball was saved out of the bottom line by Tottenham goalkeeper Loris; in the fifth minute, Henie's right corner was crossed, and delihet's header hit the lower left corner, and Ajax was 1-0 ahead of Tottenham. Then spurs began to attack. In the sixth minute, sun Xingzhen burst into the restricted area from the left, hit the post and rebounded in the bottom pass, Eriksson didn't hit the post; in the tenth minute, Eriksson broke through the middle and Ali was judged to be offside first; in the 23rd minute, Ali crossed from the left, sun Xingzhen burst into the restricted area and the ball was resolved by Ajax goalkeeper onana.

However, after a wave of attack from Tottenham, AJAX still scored the second goal. In the 35th minute, van der Beck broke through the middle of the ball, Tadic cut into the penalty area from the left and knocked back. Zieher slanted his left foot in front of the goal to hang the far corner. Ajax expanded the lead 2-0! Zieher's goal was his sixth goal in the Champions League this season, while Ajax, who led Tottenham 3-0 in the total score, kept the score until the end of the first half. All they need to do is to keep it The second half of the game.

However, Tottenham, almost on the verge of elimination, seem to wake up suddenly. In the 55th minute, Lucas pushed forward quickly after passing the ball. Ali broke through the emergency stop and changed the line in the middle. Lucas followed up with the ball to break into the restricted area and hit the lower right corner. Tottenham pulled the score to 1-2; Only four minutes later, rose was pushed out from the left cross, sun Xingzhen got the ball from the front of the restricted area to the right, tripier passed, and luerente was pulled out by onana with one hand from his left foot 3 meters in front of the goal, but then onana held the ball away under the interference of his teammates, Lucas stopped the ball, turned around to get rid of the defense of Shane and Derong, and volleyed the left foot into the lower left corner in front of the goal. Within 2-2! 5 minutes, he spurred repeatedly Pull two balls, the team immediately saw the hope of knocking down the opponent.

Spurs chased the young army had the chance to kill the game. In the 79th minute, van der Beck's long-range shot was blocked and burst into the left side of the restricted area to pass back. Zieher's low left foot shot at the edge of the restricted area but hit the right post to bounce back! As the game drew to a close, spurs increased the pressure on the front court. In the 87th minute, wiltonheng's header hit the crossbar and popped out After half a minute, La Meila passed the ball and sun Xingzhen's left wing attack from a small angle slightly higher than the crossbar.

Young Lucas, the winner of seconds

The best moment of the game was in the sixth minute of make-up time. Tottenham Sissoko had a long pass in the back court, and luerente had to fight for the landing point. Ali had a straight pass in the middle of the penalty area, and Lucas got into the lower right corner with a low left foot shot 12 meters in front of the goal, 3-2. At this moment, Lucas put on a hat trick and a second reading killing miracle! There was hardly any time left for the opponent, and Tottenham set the total score of both sides at 3-3, After the quarter finals, we won the promotion again with the advantage of away goals!

So far, the dust of the Champions League semi-final has settled. Two Premier League teams, Tottenham and Liverpool, have successfully joined the Wanda metropolitan stadium in Madrid. After the 2007-2008 season, there is another Premier League Derby in the Champions League final after 11 years, and two consecutive Champions League semi-finals have been turned upside down, which is also a rare wonderful record in the history of the Champions League. Fans just need to wait for 3 am on June 2, This season's Champions League final is on time.