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What flowers are better for mother's day in 2019? Introduction of flower language in mother's Day fl

When it comes to gifts for mother's day, the first thing many people think of is flowers. Three more days is mother's day. It's also very good to match flowers with gifts. Many places have the tradition of sending flowers on Mother's day. So do you know the best flowers for mother's day?

1、 Carnation

What flowers do you send on Mother's day? Carnation, known as' mother's flower 'and' sacred flower ', is the most popular flower on Mother's day.

Carnation flower language: passion, charm, tender love, true feelings, mother I love you, warm blessings, loving you, kindness, mother's love without cost, tolerance, mother's flower, strong family affection, family yearning, pure love, passion, enthusiasm, heartbreak and regret, greatness, holiness, sympathy, spiritual connection, sincerity, luck and yearning.

Carnation flower language:

Carnation: the most common cut flower with low price and long flowering period. It is the theme of mother's day and teacher's day.

Carnation (red): I believe in your love and wish my mother health and longevity.

Carnation (pink): love, beauty, wish mother always young.

Carnation (white): it shows my love forever, true feelings and pure friendship.

Carnation (yellow): long friendship.

2、 Hemerocallis fulva

Hemerocallis is a perennial perennial herb. With short rhizomes and stout spindle fleshy roots. Hemerocallis fulva has many nicknames, such as' golden needle ',' Day Lily ',' forget worry grass', 'suitable for men's grass',' cure worry 'and' deer arrow '. In English, Hemerocallis fulva is also called' Tiger Lily '. When eaten, it is often called 'golden needle'. Its leaf shape is flat long line type, and underground stem has a trace of poison, not directly edible. Flower shape is in the flowering period grow slender green flowering branches, orange color, long petiole, like a lily tube. The fruit has wings. It is commonly cultivated in all parts of the country, and there are wild ones in the south of Qinling Mountains.

Although Hemerocallis was originally produced in China, it has not been improved much for a long time. After 1930's, some American Botanical Gardens and horticultural enthusiasts collected Hemerocallis plants from China, Japan and other countries for cross breeding. Now there are more than 10000 species of Hemerocallis plants, which have become important ornamental and cut flowers, and also the most varieties of Liliaceae flowers.

What flowers do you send for mother's day? Hemerocallis is known as the flower of Chinese mother's day.

Hemerocallis fulva is a traditional Chinese mother's flower. Only the yellow lily symbolizes mother's love, which is also called forget worry grass

1. The forgotten love, Hemerocallis fulva, also known as the forgetful grass, stands for 'forgetting all unpleasant things'.

2. Let go of his or her sorrow.

3. Hidden mood.

4. The flower language of Hemerocallis fulva is the forgetting of love.

3、 Lily

What flowers do you send for mother's day? Lilies are various in variety, colorful, elegant in shape and delicate in posture, which vary from variety to variety; the flowers are bright, crystal clear, elegant and pleasant; lilies are unique and quiet, which symbolize some characteristics of women, such as independence and self-improvement. In China, lily is a symbol of a hundred years of harmony, family happiness, great love, and deep blessing. Lily unique quiet, symbolizing some characteristics of women, such as independence and self-improvement.

1. White lily: a symbol of lasting love

2. Pink lily: a symbol of purity and elegance

3. Yellow lily: a symbol of wealth and nobility

4、 Lu Binghua

What flowers do you send for mother's day? Lubing flower is the mainstream flower for Hakka mothers. The flower language and symbolic meaning are: maternal love, hard work and dedication.

5、 Crystal

What flowers do you send for mother's day? Crystal symbolizes pure and selfless maternal love, which is as firm and unshakable as maternal love, pure as maternal love and delicate as maternal love.

Amethyst, garnet: suitable for noble mother

Topaz, green crystal: suitable for career mothers

White crystal, pink crystal: suitable for gentle and intellectual mother

Smoky crystal: functional crystal, suitable for all mothers

6、 Calla Lily

Calla Lily, also known as Guanyin lotus and Cigu flower, flower language: happiness, purity, symbolizing 'holy law, piety, eternal unity, good luck. '

7、 Camellia japonica

Camellia is a kind of round flower without fragrance and thorn. In the snowy season of January, Camellia in full bloom is not only a symbol of romance and perseverance, but also a symbol of Chanel's spirit. It is Chanel's favorite flower. She often wears Camellia as a brooch on her shoulder or adorns her hair at her temples. There are camellia on the Chinese black lacquer wood screen of Ritz Hotel where she has lived for 37 years. Through the magical creation of high-grade jewelry, we can not only see Chanel's infinite inspiration from Camellia, but also appreciate the immortal emotion conveyed in it.

8、 Rose

Mr. Dior's parents' manor in Granville has a large garden, so he is deeply influenced and has a passion for gardens and flowers. Rose, delicate and gorgeous, fragrant and charming, is a symbol of beauty and love, but also Mr. Dior as a treasure of flowers. Mr. Dior once said: 'fortunately there are roses in the world', which shows the weight of roses in his heart. In the Dior world, whether it is fashion, perfume or watch, roses can be seen everywhere. When this beautiful rose, which belongs to Dior, turns into a bright jewel and blooms on the fingertips and wrists, it will leave an eternal classic.

10、 Orchid

Orchid is the fairy of flowers and the queen of Cartier jewelry garden. Cartier's love affair with orchid began in 1925. In that year, Cartier created the first orchid shaped hair ornament, which was extremely gorgeous with three-dimensional carving and cone-shaped Black Agate inlaid on the petals of diamond shop. In 1937, inspired by surrealism, Cartier launched the first series of flower jewelry, including an orchid Brooch made of Amethyst and aquamarine. The carefully carved jewelry is dreamlike and exquisite. Since then, orchid has been a classic element in Cartier's jewelry works. I believe that every mother wearing Cartier orchid jewelry can be as elegant and indifferent as orchid.