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How does lemon dry bubble water bitter return a responsibility? How does lemon dry soak water just n

Lemon is now a very common fruit, often used to drink water, add honey or rock sugar, sour and sweet is very appetizing, but sometimes lemon bubble up bitter is what? So how to bubble lemon is not bitter?

How does lemon dry bubble water bitter return a responsibility

Lemonade is bitter because it contains a lot of Limonin.

Lemon contains a lot of lemon bittern. This plant bittern has a high content in orange fruits, and lemon is the highest content. It is often used as the raw material of lemon bittern. If the method of soaking in water is not correct, bittern will appear in water.

Is lemonade bitter to drink

Lemonade is bitter and drinkable.

The main reason for the bitterness of lemonade is that the brewing method is wrong, resulting in a large number of lemonade bitterness dissolved in the water. The bitter taste of lemonade is greater than the sour taste. The taste is not very good, but it can be eaten, and the lemonade bitterness has certain benefits to the human body.

How can lemonade not be bitter

1. Wash a fresh lemon, rub it with a small spoon of salt, and then rinse it with water. In this way, the residual dirt and preservative wax on the lemon skin can be thoroughly washed to ensure the safety of raw materials.

2. Cut the lemon into small pieces with a small knife and remove the lemon seeds on the small pieces. Don't be afraid of trouble. Lemon seeds may make the soaked lemonade bitter!

3. Put lemon slices into a glass container, pour in about a liter of mineral water, remember it must be cold water, boiling water can't, hot water can't, this is the key! Soak about half an hour can drink, absolutely no bitterness, sour very good! Can repeatedly brew several times. If you want to drink sweet and sour, you can pour some honey into the cup. Older people want to drink hot, you can pour the soaked lemonade into the cup (there can't be lemon slices in the water) and then heat the water.

4. I try the result is: fresh lemon slice with boiling water is very bitter, with hot water bubble is also bitter, with warm water bubble still have bitter taste, only with cold water bubble no bitter, can bubble out the fragrance of lemon and sour taste. So water temperature is the key!

The benefits of lemonade

1. Improve immunity

Lemonade is rich in vitamin C, which helps the immune system fight colds. Lemonade also helps to promote the absorption of iron, because vitamin C can increase the bioavailability of non heme iron by four times.

2. Promote wound healing

Vitamin C is one of the important nutrients to promote wound healing and maintain the health of bone, tissue and cartilage. Vitamin C also helps neutralize free radicals and inhibit inflammation in the body.

3. Fight against skin aging

The antioxidant effect of lemonade is helpful to deal with the damage of free radicals in the body and alleviate the aging process. Its rich vitamin C can help amino acids to synthesize collagen, protect skin and prevent wrinkles.

4. Lose weight

For professional men who spend a lot of time in the office or socialize regularly, fat is always a headache. At this time, you can drink a glass of lemonade in the office, which can also reduce appetite and effectively lose weight. Therefore, the role of lemonade is very much, weight loss is one of them.