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Tiktok fruit wholesaler network Wang Hong Yuan Wang Hong Yuan, personal data introduction

'Hello everyone, I'm wang Zhongyuan', a post-90s boy who speaks standard Henan dialect. Wang Zhongyuan has recently become an online celebrity in the wholesale market. Tiktok, who has been a media player for less than half a year, has not only got 440 thousand fans on today's headlines, but also got 1 million 270 thousand praise on the sound of shaking, and all his videos are centered on a theme -- fruit wholesale business.

After watching his video, many fans went to Wanbang market to buy fruit for him. For his popularity, Wang Zhongyuan said with a smile that he had gone with the wind. However, his behavior is still down-to-earth, one step at a time. "Many fans asked me to open an online shop, but I want to settle down again. I'm not an online celebrity. I'm just a wholesaler. I still have to do my job well. '

The post-90s' batch two generation 'do fruit business and find a new way to do we media

Before we media, Wang Zhongyuan never thought that he would become a net star.

After graduating from high school, he worked as a soldier for several years. After leaving the army, he opened a car wash shop. Not long after the car wash business, he began to follow his parents in the fruit wholesale business. Wang Zhongyuan's parents have been engaged in fruit wholesale business in Zhengzhou for more than ten years, and have accumulated a lot of customer resources and business experience. After joining the industry in 2016, Wang Zhongyuan not only followed his father to pick fruit from the producing area, but also helped his mother sell fruit in the wholesale market. In a few years, he has become a young 'old driver' in the fruit wholesale industry.

He knows all about the "inside story" of the wholesale industry: the "routine" of wholesalers, the types of people who come to the wholesale market at different times, and how to choose delicious fruits & hellip; & hellip; Wang Zhongyuan is familiar with it.

By chance, Wang Zhongyuan found that many fruit growers in fruit producing areas are doing we media, and they are very popular. In October 2018, Wang Zhongyuan and his classmate Xie bingchao also prepared to do we media to see the effect.

Two mobile phones, a computer, Wang Zhongyuan on camera, Xie bingchao recording video, cutting video, they started the road of we media.

In order to cut the video, my hand was frozen, but the fans didn't come up

What Wang Zhongyuan is most familiar with is the fruit industry and wholesale market, so the content of the video can't be separated from this theme. In today's headlines, he applied for an account for himself. His name is Zhongyuan Guonong, and his identity is the creator of agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

The first video they made was about the daily life of fruit wholesalers. Wang Zhongyuan, who got up at 4:30 in the morning, began to turn in the market to see the market situation of the day. At the beginning of the video are recorded with mobile phones, said in Henan dialect, grounded style for him to win a lot of people's favor.

However, the road of we media is not easy. Both of them have no media foundation. They all rely on their own exploration and learning. Wang Zhongyuan and his partner have been working on the video for three months, and there are only a few thousand fans in today's headlines. The two also often worry about the topic of the video, often recording, recording do not know what to say.

Not only that, the environment of the wholesale market is relatively simple, there is no heating, and video recording and video cutting have to be done with both hands. Xie bingchao's hands are also rotten.

'I didn't want to give up when it was most difficult, because I knew we would succeed in doing this. "Xie bingchao said. They encouraged each other and continued to record videos while selling.

One night red, young man excited all night did not sleep, reply message boil eyes red

On the first day of 2019, Wang Zhongyuan, as usual, released a video at 5:00 p.m., in which he talked about the market of cherizi. Wang Zhongyuan told everyone not to rush to buy cherizi, but to wait until it is cheap for a while. After sending the video, he went to his own business.

When he was about to have a rest in the evening, Wang Zhongyuan turned on his mobile phone and found that the system reminded him that he had a hundred fans. Then he refreshed it and had another 100 fans. The following time, fans have been hundreds to rise. And the comments at the bottom of this video have changed from dozens to hundreds and thousands. All signs told him that he was on fire.

That night, Wang Zhongyuan and his partner didn't sleep. "They were so excited that they couldn't sleep. They kept watching their mobile phones, watching their fans go up, answering all kinds of private messages, dealing with all kinds of wechat and adding friends. 'said Wang Zhongyuan.

'brother yuan, I want to do fruit business with you. Do you accept apprentices? Can you send me some boxes of cherries? What's your phone number? I'll go to you to sell fruit. 'This is the most message at the bottom of the video. In the face of all kinds of enthusiastic fans, Wang Zhongyuan is flattered and replies to the private messages of fans one by one.

Qu Meilan, Wang Zhongyuan's mother, said, "I was worried when I looked at the two children in those days. Every day I held my mobile phone and my eyes were red. '

In this way, Wang Zhongyuan's fans have increased from thousands to tens of thousands, then to tens of thousands, and now to more than 400000. More and more people pay attention to him. Wang Zhongyuan said, "the private letters in the headlines have exploded, and wechat can't come back at all. Many fans asked me to deliver goods to them. During the Chinese new year, I sold up to 100 or 200 pieces of goods a day, and in the off-season, I could deliver 40 or 50 pieces of goods a day. A lot of people came to me to talk about cooperation, including big bosses and e-commerce workers. '

Traditional wholesalers do we media, listen to these suggestions

Speaking of his popularity, Wang Zhongyuan said that his video is grounded, and flattering, plus good luck, so it's hot. He said he was a little proud of his success in we media, but it was not easy.

'a lot of fans pay attention to me because I talked about the dry goods in the fruit industry. People think they are useful, so they are interested in me. After I became angry, many fans asked me to open an online store, but I felt that I needed to settle down again. I would rather not take care of myself, than go the wrong way and smash my signboard. Because our job is fruit wholesale, not net red, I do not want to fire immediately to harvest fans. Now business is not done by opportunism, honest people are more popular. 'said Wang Zhongyuan.

Nowadays, almost every day, fans go to Wanbang market to buy fruits from Wang Zhongyuan. He has always insisted on his high standard to help fans choose fruits.

At the same time, many peers or retailers came to him to learn from him. Wang Zhongyuan also received him warmly. He said, "I want to tell you that as long as you have accumulated enough experience in a field, you can catch the express train of new media. Many people will be interested in combining traditional industries with we media and spreading their professional knowledge through the Internet, but we must insist on doing it and succeed all the time. '