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Wechat group is not allowed to send work news after work, office workers revel after watching it

When we started to play wechat, wechat was a good tool for us to chat with friends and relatives! Slowly, too many work groups occupied the interface & hellip; even after work, leaders would guide all kinds of work in wechat group. Are you very tired?

Xiangzhou District of Zhuhai has decided to deal with this big problem!

The wechat official number gdfabu0710 of "Guangdong release" reported on May 8 that on April 28, Xiangzhou District officially issued the "measures to solve the prominent formalism problems in Xiangzhou District for reducing the burden at the grassroots level" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), among which standardizing the wechat work groups and new media account management of all units and towns in Xiangzhou District is one of the 28 measures.

A unit can only build one wechat group!

Do not release work information during non working hours!

According to the measures, Xiangzhou will further refine the measures and standardize the management of wechat groups and new media accounts. In principle, a unit should only set up a work group, the speech should have content and should not swipe the screen at will, in principle, the work information should not be released during non working hours, and the wechat group formed due to special work should be dissolved in time after work.

Meanwhile, the units set up new media accounts according to their work needs. In principle, one unit only opens one official account on the same platform, and no new media (including WeChat group and public number) can be used to make news reports in disguise and report on the daily administration work of the leaders of the unit.

For this provision,

Netizens agreed

But more concerned about its implementation