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Worried about diabetes? How to prevent effectively

Diabetes has a great harm to human body, which is mainly reflected in cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and kidney. Diabetes can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications, and even lead to renal failure. Over time, it can cause neuropathy, even death and disability. Diabetes is so harmful to human body, how to prevent it? Next, I will introduce several methods for you.

According to scientific research, vinegar can effectively reduce blood sugar. So people who love meat can drink vinegar first when they eat high calorie foods like big fish and big meat. This will not only satisfy your desire to eat, but also greatly reduce your blood sugar level. If you are not used to drinking vinegar, you can also eat more cold dishes with vinegar, which can also increase your intake of vinegar, with the same effect as drinking vinegar.

Eat less food with additives and more fruits and vegetables. Often eat food additives, will reduce the sensitivity of the body organ insulin, will increase the risk of diabetes. So for fast food and processed meat food to eat less. Most fruits and vegetables are rich in cellulose, which can effectively reduce the risk of center, high blood pressure, diabetes and breast cancer. In daily life, we must eat more fruits and vegetables and coarse grains rich in cellulose.

Diabetes often occurs in the middle-aged and the elderly, so people after 45 years old need to pay more attention to their blood glucose index. According to the expert's suggestion, after the age of 45, obese people, people with diabetes genetic history and senior three should pay special attention to their blood sugar, in case of early detection and treatment.

To improve their physical quality can effectively prevent the occurrence of various diseases, so physical exercise is essential. Go for a walk as much as possible after supper every day. It's better to do morning exercises, run and improve your physical fitness in the morning. But also to ensure that they have enough sleep, so that you have a strong physique, in order to effectively prevent the occurrence of diabetes.